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The Absolute Cutest Pool Floats

Is it just me, or does it feel like everyone and their mother are at the beach right now? Maybe it’s just because I so badly want to be there, the pictures are just standing out in my mind. This past weekend was my sister-in-law’s bachelorette, and I was finally able to spend a little time by a pool. Alllll that served to do was make me want to lay by one more.


Either you have big beach, lake, or pool plans this summer, or you’re over there daydreaming like me. Either way, these cute little pool floats are the perfect thing to pack orrrrr the perfect thing to complete that picture;).

All of the floats above are pretty affordable for the most part. The main exception is the gold swan, but I just love it so much! Urban Outfitters also has the absolute most beautiful floats, they’re just alllll out of my price range. That cute little ice cream cone comes two to a pack, and the taco is also one of many available for prime shipping! The collage is clickable, so feel free to shop around!

I spent multiple summers in college and the years immediately by the pool every. single. day. And while I’d realllllly love to just be able to live that life again, I also kind of wish that these floats were a thing back in those days too. That might be the only thing that could’ve made those summers better;)

Happy Monday, friends!

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