How to Add a Little Fall to your Life

I’m loving that the weather here in Boone is finally feeling like fall! The nights get down to the 40s and it is absolutely perfect. With the weather changing, it’s making me want to make the season evident in every aspect of my life. And I’m making it my personal goal to do just that – I want to see Fall everywhere I look and I want to feel fall everywhere I am.


A photo by Autumn Mott. A photo by Autumn Mott. pumpkin-spice-everything

One: Add some scents! The smells of fall are one of the easiest and best ways to make your home feel holiday and cold weather ready. We have plug-ins in most rooms to keep the scents in the air, but also regularly have candles burning, especially when friends and family are coming over. My favorite scent is Leaves from Bath and Body Works, but truth be told – Walmart has good options too!

Two: Wear fall clothes every chance you get. Whether it’s just wearing a cardigan around the house or fuzzy socks as you cuddle up, you’ll feel like that time of the year has arrived. Make blankets easily accessible as they also help to lend to a cozier vibe!

Three: Add pieces of fall decor here and there for unexpected touches. You can get wreaths pretty inexpensive at Michael, and branch outside the typically door location – we like placing wreaths on walls. Any chance to add pumpkin details help. Even the addition of fall colored pillows to sofas or a fireplace hearth aid in creating that feel.

Four: Spruce up the outside of your house. Whether it be changing the doormat, adding a friendly scarecrow, or placing traditional pumpkins on a porch or doorstep, each of these things help your home seem more inviting and fall-like. I’ve seen miniature pumpkins and gourds placed in lanterns lately, and I’m really liking the look of that!

Five: Add fall images around you. While there are some super cute wall prints you can switch out through the seasons, one easy way to increase the atmosphere is through your phone or computer background. I like to change mine based on the colors I’m feeling for that time of year. For fall, typically that lends to warmer, cozier shades.

Darling, Dearest

This time around, I decided to try my hand at making some of my own backgrounds to use. I enjoy them so much that I wanted to share them with all of you!

[convertkit form=4918763]


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