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The Adventures of Brett and Emily: Durham

So this is a very different kind of post today. Brett and I definitely had the intentions of photographing this cardigan and outfit while out and about on a day-trip to Durham, but that just. didn’t. happen. We enjoyed ourselves while there, and I didn’t pull out the big camera once.

This is one of our favorite things to do – pick a city and explore it. We’ve been to Columbus (OH), Cincinnati, Lexington (KY), and Greenville (SC). We’ve also explored bits of cities close by, like Charlotte and Greensboro too. I want to start sharing these explorations, for my own memory if nothing else:).

I will link this cardigan because it’s just too pretty not to! It’s currently on sale for $19 and that’s a pretty good price from Francesca’s. It’s unbelievably soft and comfortable, and has the loveliest embroidered edge.

The day started with a visit with my grandmother. I tried to squeeze in as much time with her as possible while home, and miss her already. Isn’t she the cutest?

The main reason we took a trip to Durham was to stop by Duke and catch a glimpse at this plaque. I’ve seen the plaque, but never with my name on it. It was just a teensy bit exciting to see it in real life (if you can’t tell from my face). Brett and I were definitely tourists, taking pictures and getting excited over the smallest of things.

I wanted to see the chapel, Brett wanted to see Cameron. He was SO excited to be inside, and is now dead-set on going to a game this year. He’s always been the kind of guy who can quote stats like nobody’s business, and this just fueled that ability.

While Duke was the main stop, Brett and I always include as many restaurants and breweries as we can. I love food, and we both love to meet great people. Breweries are the absolute best destination for that kind of thing. And we’re kind of both beer snobs- we like good brews. We were able to visit four while in Durham: Bull City, Clouds Brewing, Fullsteam Brewery, and Durty Bull Brewing Company.

Bull City? Average beer, pretty good food. I also liked the atmosphere. They are ALL about some local food – I think this place belongs in Boone. Clouds- eh. This looked like a fun after-work place, as it was HUGE. But the beer? Pass on this one for a brewery tour. They have a wide variety from other locations, but we like to taste what they have to offer.

Now Fullsteam? Yes, please, let’s go back. We loved just about every brew we tried, especially their IPAs. Enough to get a growler, which big-time unfortunately of fell out of our car and opened and spilled all out, partially in my car. But we really enjoyed everything about this place, atmosphere included. Durty Bull is the newest in Durham, opening last August. We were lucky enough to be served by the owner and had the best of impressions for him. You can tell he was passionate about it, and he was genuinely nice. He listened to what we said, offered us things to try, and talked about the other breweries in the area in a favorable light. Community over competition, and pretty decent beer. They had the best sours of the day.

Clouds Brewing did lead us to stumble upon this precious alleyway, and I’m all for some photographic spots. I considered going back to my car to get my camera just for it. It looked like something out of a movie! I love finding hidden treasures like this in new cities. I mean, those lights.

North Carolina readers, I’d love new suggestions of cities to visit and things to do while there! Give Brett and I some places to go:).

I also share most pictures like these on my Instagram Stories, so be sure to follow along there to catch the often silly and sometimes sweet aspects of my life!

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