Baby #2: Trimester 1

Whew, has this pregnancy already thrown me for a loop! I had a fairly easy go of it with Scarlett; despite the normal pregnancy symptoms of cramps, joint pain, and one really hard week immediately prior to her birth, that pregnancy was easy to enjoy. This one has been a teensy bit more difficult. I’m going to model this after the bump dates I did for Scarlett’s pregnancy, so that I can have them both to savor (and compare!)

Due Date: August 21st Gender: BOY!

1.How have you felt so far? I’ve been joking a lot that Scarlett was a pretty easy pregnancy, but the most challenging baby. This pregnancy has been pretty difficult, so I’m declaring that this baby will be easy. Cause that’s exactly how it works.. right?😉In all honesty, I know I have it so much better than so many others. I didn’t physically throw up once for either pregnancy. This one, though, I just lived in a constant state of nausea for weeks 4-14. It started as a morning and night thing, progressed to all day, then went back into nighttime nausea. I think I was more tired my first pregnancy, but I think part of that is that, as a mom now, I know how better to survive when tired!

2. How are you eating? Because of the constant nausea, I had to eat so often during the first trimester. It wasn’t easy, cause literally nothing sounded good all of the time, but it was the only way to curb that. Brett joked that he didn’t have to make any late night grocery runs at all with the first pregnancy, but with this one he went twice within the first couple of weeks – just because when something finally sounded good, we made sure I got it right away.

3. Cravings or aversions? I haven’t had any major cravings yet and I’m kind of bummed about that! Now aversions? Yes. One of the first things I didn’t want was actually beer🤷🏼‍♀️ at a tailgate. I also haven’t wanted coffee often this pregnancy, which is similar to my first. The biggest aversion though? Pizza. I’m a pretty big pizza fan- I love me some Hungry Howies. I can handle the thought of it now, but for the majority of the first trimester, just thinking about pizza made me want to gag. I could be completely fine with a food and then smell it and be immediately turned off from it. I’ve also had SUPER smelling, so that was fun. Brett, bless his heart, had to completely change his body wash.

4. Was this planned? I feel a little hesitant talking about our journey getting pregnant, but I want to be transparent. Was it planned? Kind of, yes. We had decided to actively start trying to have kid #2 in January, but decided to not not try starting in November. I was tracking ovulation and all that jazz, just like I did with Scarlett. I heard someone else say this and really related – my husband could sneeze on me and I’d get pregnant🤷🏼‍♀️. Believe me, I understand just how fortunate we are.

5. How did you tell Brett? Thanks to hand-me-downs from my friend Kelly, we already had some “big sister” shirts. I jumped the gun and had been taking pregnancy tests for a couple of days and was consistently getting negatives. I just had a hunch, so I kept taking them. I swear- you just know when you’re pregnant. Turns out, on December 10th, I got a positive. It was one of the cheap place in a cup sticks, so think I drank like 10 cups of water and used all of the digital ones we had as well, so I would be sure. I put one of the shirts on Scarlett so that Brett would see it when we came home. Welllll, poor Brett, he came home with his hands full and a little flustered that day. He just wanted to unload and take his jacket off, etc. I had my phone out, filming, and kept trying to get him to notice Scarlett and her “new shirt.” Here he was thinking why in the world did Emily get her another new shirt when she already has clothes? He kind of sort of snapped at me when I asked him one more time to just look at her shirt, then did, and then realized why I was crying and excited and trying to get his attention over and over. Needless to say, he instantly started laughing and said “are you kidding?” and his mood changed just like that. I think it’s funny that we have all that on video😉.

6. What’s been the most exciting part so far? With Scarlett’s pregnancy, I had no idea what it meant to actually have a child and raise a baby. Now that I know what it means to meet my kid and love a little human like this, that’s been the most exciting part. Knowing that there’s another little child growing in my belly that we get to know and love. Anddd being pregnant with my sister- that’s pretty cool too! (She’s due 2 weeks ahead of me, also with a boy!)

7. Did you have a feeling about the gender? Ohhh goodness you guys, YES. I was like 95% sure I was having a girl. At first, like weeks 4-6, I thought it was a boy. Truthfully, I had always wanted two little girls so that they would have a sister; I’m biased, but I love having a sister. I felt like there was this moment when I was playing with my nephew, Lincoln, that God gave me a peace, saying, look, Emily, this is the joy you’ll feel with a boy. And then not long after that, my opinion just started changing. I found out my sister was having a boy, and I just assumed she’d have two boys and I’d have two girls. Y’all, I know it doesn’t work that way. But Brett and I both were just so so so sure it was a girl. We had a nursery design in mind and a name close to picked out! We got the gender reveal card and decided to open it just the two of us- we did that with Scarlett too. I like that our reactions are completely our own. (We did have a gender reveal party for our family the following weekend, though!). We were both FLOORED. And, to be honest, we had to kind of mourn the idea of sisters that we both had. Please know – we are 100% excited for this little boy. We will love him beyond belief. I honestly think, knowing now that with wanting 2 kids and already having a girl, it’s going to make me love each of them extra hard and extra unique- because they will (most likely!) be the only one of each. I think my main thing is that I want siblings that are super close. I literally pray for that every single day, and know that Brett and I will do all that we can to foster that.

8. What’s been the hardest part so far? Definitely the nausea. I had to opt not to sub for a few weeks because I knew I wasn’t sure I could handle standing up and using energy/strength I didn’t have. It made the holidays a bit more challenging too, because all that I wanted to do/could do was just stay home and rest. Brett was amazing during those weeks, you guys. He went above and beyond to take care of me and Scarlett!

9. Bonus Question: What does Scarlett think of all this? We get asked this more than anything – is Scarlett aware? Sooo, no. She doesn’t know that there’s a baby in my belly or what that means. She does know what a baby is, and understands the need to be gentle with and take care of one. She LOVES to dote upon her baby dolls. She can hear a baby crying in a restaurant and just has to know if they are ok. I think she will be a little rocked on the parenting front when the baby comes, that she isn’t the solo star anymore, but I think when it comes to her baby brother, she will be the absolute best big sister!

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