Baby Helpers: Baby K’tan

I will forever be thankful that my sister introduced me to this. I spent a bunch of time with my sister when my nephew was a baby, and I saw firsthand how much she used her Baby K’tan. When my time came around, it was one of the first items on my registry. I had no idea just how much of a lifesaver it would be! I make no secret of it – Scarlett and I are wearing our Baby K’tan Baby Carrier ALL the time on Instagram Stories, and all our real-life friends know how much we love ours!

You guys, the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier saved me from so many embarrassing episodes of endless crying. When Scarlett was a newborn, she wouldn’t take the paci. The only way we could really get her to stop crying that wasn’t just holding and rocking her or getting her to sleep was in this carrier. It got to the point where I refused to leave the house without it – it’s still a permanent fixture in our diaper bag!

Now that Scarlett’s a bit older and bigger, we use the hug position more than anything. She enjoys it awake but is really partial to naptime in it;). Scarlett has taken naps in her Baby K’tan in church, on walks, tailgating, at football games, and while Mom cooks. Now that we’ve sleep trained and I’m not supposed to rock her to sleep, it’s a way I can get away with getting those sweet snuggles in without feeling guilty!

I’ve got to be honest with y’all though, as much as I love carrying Scarlett around in my Baby K’tans, I almost think she likes being snuggled up with Dad even more! Brett spent most of a football game and tailgate with her in his Baby K’tan, and the giddy look on his face said it all.

To keep the baby safe, the expression to go by is that they should be close enough to kiss. Brett and I have absolutely no problem with that. We love having her next to our hearts! A big reason why I was partial to Baby K’tan is because of the ease to use one. You guys, I have multiple types of baby carriers, and this is truly the only one I use.

I dread the day when Scarlett gets too big or too fiesty to let us carry her around like this. I will cherish the memories I have of her first few months snuggled up next to me, of cooking with her or walking with her in the Baby K’tan. We plan on using this as long as we can!

Now, tell me that isn’t the cutest baby you ever did see;)?

I loved the one we received from our registry so much, that I reached out to Baby K’tan to see if they’d want to work together. They sent us two of these, but Brett and I both truly love them SO much. I’m thrilled I get to help promote them!

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