Baby Helpers: Binxy Baby

You guys, I’m going to be completely honest with you. I thought this shopping cart hammock was darling, and that Scarlett would look absolutely precious in it… but I thought that I’d end up using it for 5 minutes and then put her in a wrap for the rest of our shopping trip. I didn’t think she’d be settled and would get herself worked up in it.

Shows what I know about babies because Scarlett absolutely loved it – and so did we!

Y’all, this Binxy Baby hammock was the easiest thing in the world to use. And I truly felt like Scarlett was safe as can be the entire time! It latches onto the two sides of the shopping cart, and should fit most carts. We took her to Publix for her first outing, and it worked out great there! You can see in one of the pictures below the harness it has to “seat belt” your baby in. It holds babies up to 50 pounds, and they can use it until they are sitting up on their own.

I didn’t have any idea of this until reading about the Binxy hammock, but apparently there are around 24,000 shopping cart related injuries treated for kids each year!! That floored me. This almost worked as a mock-stroller for us: being wheeled around kept her asleep and pacified while we could focus on getting everything we needed.

You guys, I cannot tell you how many compliments we received on it! She was still tucked in, so no one felt compelled to reach out and touch her (thank the Lord!) but she had SO many admirers in it. Almost every aisle we went on, someone mentioned how awesome this device was, how they hadn’t seen anything like it before, how handy it must be. I’m serious –  it was a hit. Brett and I were laughing as we shopped because of how popular it was!

It comes in 7 different patterns, many gender neutral, but of course we were suckers for the floral print for Scarlett. I’m all for others to be able to tell she’s a girl… you never can be certain with babies!

You can bet that this will be accompanying us on many other shopping trips over the next few months! I really was so pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to use and how well it worked for us – it made what could have been a stressful situation of a first trip out with her into something rather enjoyable!

*Thank you, Binxy Baby, for providing the hammock for this review. All opinions are my own – I really do think it’s great! 



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