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Baby Helpers: DockATot

First thing I learned upon coming home from the hospital after having Scarlett: being a mom of a newborn was going to be harder than I ever could have imagined.

Second thing I learned? You can use all the help you can get. Throughout the rest of June, I’ve got a few companies that I’m partnering with to share products that truly have come in handy for us. Surviving life with a newborn is just that – sometimes it really does feel like you are simply trying to survive. It’s a whole new whirlwind that you’re kind of thrown in to blind!

When I began researching what products would be must-haves with a baby, one thing that a lot of friends recommended was the DockATot. That led to me reaching out to them, and they graciously sent me this one to try! Truly, y’all, it gets used every day for us. You never want to leave a baby unattended or simply lying on a bed or couch. I’m terrified of her accidentally rolling off, especially with how wiggly she is! The DockATot gets moved from room to room in our house so that if I need sit her down for something, I have a safe place to lay her. You’d be surprised how often you just need your hands for a quick second, for things such as brushing your teeth or using the restroom!

It’s also been a nice transition sleeper for her. She currently sleeps mostly in swings and sleepers that rock her to sleep. This has been handy to lay her in to get her used to sleeping still. It has a slight incline to it, making this mama a little more comforted laying her down! We’ve used it some as a type of co-sleeper, enabling us to place her beside us without worrying about us falling asleep too. We’ve got her in the deluxe + size, perfect for 0-8 months, but there’s also grande for 9-36 months.

We are allll for safe and functional baby products right now, anything to help make life just a touch easier, and this one definitely goes down as a win for us. You can check out the safety qualifications here, but it’s designed to ease mamas worries on that front (it’s been tested for breathability!). I fell for the “la vie en rose” pattern big-time, it’s perfect for our little Scarlett Green! I feel like every time I head to their website, there are new patterns to check out.

I’d love to know if you have a DockATot and love it, too! What makes your life easier in the newborn days?





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