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Baby Helpers: The Best Diaper Bag for Traveling

You guys already know I’m a huge fan of Baby K’tan Baby Carriers. I had no idea at first that this company expanded beyond the carriers, but I’m thrilled to say that they do! Brett and I have a total of three diaper bags we rotate between, two of which we put on our registry. Baby K’Tan sent us this one, and I’m ashamed to admit that while being the same cost as our other two, it FAR surpasses them in space and features. I truly wish I knew about it to begin with!

Brett and I actually had to order additional pieces for our other bags to have half the features that this one does. There really isn’t a thing that it’s missing! It’s got the necessary antibacterial changing pad the most come with, but it also has an easily accessible wipes container, a built-in wet bag in antibacterial nylon, and an insulated cooler pocket, and an antibacterial pacifier pouch that’s actually big enough for Wubbanubs (unlike most paci pouches!).

I can truly see this bag growing with her. It’s got enough compartments that I can stay organized with her stuff and still have a section or two for my own. It can fit a TON of stuff. That’s why I think it’s the best for traveling – I’m so prone to packing three bags all of different items for her. This one can actually fit all of it and keep it sorted!

Basically, I’m just a huge fan of anything Baby K’tan puts forth. If you know any new moms, I can’t recommend their products enough! Obviously, this little cutie agrees, too😉!

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