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Baby Helpers: The Ollie Swaddle

With a new baby, there’s no way you have any idea what to expect. Every friend and mom offers different advice, swears by different products. One thing was clear across the board: all moms seemed to love swaddles. Be it blankets or velcro ones, that was hands down a favorite.

Tell me, is there anything cuter than a baby all bundled up in a swaddle? Scarlett often fights us when we wrap her up, but there’s no doubt that the scrunched-upness of being in a swaddle soothes her. One of her favorite things is to be carried around in my wrap against me, and I think part of it is that she likes the restrictedness of it; it really does replicate the womb! The next best thing to that without having her attached to me would be this: The Ollie Swaddle!

First of all, this swaddle is bundled by velcro – take away the ever confusing how-do-I-wrap-them battle that especially seems to be hard at night:). The fabric is super soft, and happens to be moisture-wicking to ensure that they don’t overheat. We keep our house on the cooler side, and I’m not worried at all that she isn’t warm enough either, though. The bottom is tied through elastic, making it super easy to open. You could even leave them swaddled to change them! We haven’t tried that with Scarlett- she tends to make a mess during diaper changes;).

When she was first born, we would wrap her arms in the swaddle. We still do this if she’s in that almost-asleep stage. Now, she wiggles her arms so much that wrapping them just wakes her up. With the Ollie Swaddle, we can wrap her up all cozy without binding her arms down. It’ll also easily grow with her as she gets bigger (but we aren’t talking about things like that – her getting bigger!)

It seems fitting to include pictures of her daddy holding her, so close to father’s day! We captured these when he came home from work one day – the first thing he wants to do when he walks through the door is hold his daughter. I think I get texted every day to send more pictures… and I already send quite a few! I find it quite precious:).

Definitely not taking a minute for granted, whiles she’s little and enjoys being snuggled and swaddled. It helps having sweet swaddles like this one!

*Thank you to the Ollie World for providing the swaddle for this post. All opinions are my own. 





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