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I have felt this week is so much hate. Valid hate, reasonable hate, on every side of every argument. So guys, here is a little love. A little do good. A little helping hand.

Back in the spring, I had the opportunity to collaborate with the fantastic Steph Martin. If you have been a long time follower of Darling, Dearest, you might remember her beautiful and meaningful journals. When Steph reached out with a way to love and support others, something she’s passionate about? You can bet I’m all in.

Let me introduce you to Sseko Designs. This company, based out of Uganda, employs women to handcraft items in order to create an income to go to university. I could list all the statistics for you and explain this system to you, but this video explains it much better than I could.

Did you get that? 70% below poverty, 17% get to high school, 2% get to college.

Beyond the women in Uganda, Sseko is working to improve the economies of multiple East African countries through locally sourced goods and craftsmanship.

And we can actually do something about it.

You see, Sseko isn’t just a company that helps. It’s a company that provides quality itemsitems that we would purchase independent of their origin. It started as a sandals company and has expanded into so much more. Take these stunning totes, for example.

sseko designs empowering Uganda womensseko designs empowering Uganda women

And beyond that, they have travel bags and totes and crossbody bags and clutches. These little two-toned darlings are my personal favorite. They’ve caught my eye in boutiques before, but I never put two-and-two together to realize they were from a company like this.  They come in a variety of sizes as well. (Be on the lookout for an Instagram giveaway of one of these soon!)

sseko designs empowering Uganda women

The accessories are also quite timeless pieces. Just like every Sseko sandal has a story, you have the chance to build your own story with these. You can select from a large collection of charms to accompany a Brave necklace or bracelet.

sseko designs empowering Uganda women sseko designs empowering Uganda women

Why you should jump on purchasing something from this company right now:

-They are currently running a promotion for a free charm if you purchase a necklace or bracelet with the code “buildyourstory”

-You can buy three ribbons for their classic ribbon sandal and get one free with code “ssekostyle”

-You can get a free accent piece when you buy two for their accent sandal (my personal favorite of the sandal varieties) with code “accentyourlook”

-Most importantly, because you can help send Steph to Africa. To meet these woman. And make a much greater difference. If she reaches the goal she’s set for the month of September, she earns a trip to Uganda.

You just have to purchase through her link:

To promote/celebrate this opportunity, she’s having a HUGE giveaway. If you purchase $99 worth or products, you get 2 entries (and free shipping!).  It’s a collection of over $350 worth of beautiful Sseko Designs items, many of which are pictured above!  If you purchase $99 worth of products, you are directly impacting Ruth, her Sole Sister. She gets a badge with that amount,  and 400 badges help her receive a higher scholarship. And guess what y’all. What she wants to study in college? Education. You can even read ALL about her and hear her thoughts!

I know it’s early, but consider this an option for getting gifts in advance; it’s meaningful. So much more than just a fashionable tote or comfortable pair of shoes. And watch this video, because it’ll remind you of what a difference-maker you can be.

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