The Best Stores to Shop at for Teacher Clothes

You’d be surprised the number of things to consider when deciding if clothing is appropriate for “work” or not. See, I can’t just wear a classic dressy outfit for a twenty-something, and I certainly can’t wear the perfect-for-work heels. I’m a teacher, which means I have to be ready to sit on the floor, on my knees, or on a stool in front of a class. I have to be ready to walk thousands of steps with my can’t-help-but-touch thighs. I have to have straps that cover any hint of a bra, and a neckline that doesn’t dare dip down. And I have to be comfortable. Because I’m going to be active, and I never really know exactly what the day holds.

Being that this is my 6th year of teaching, I’ve definitely narrowed down where I shop to some favorites. Some I shop at monthly weekly, some I shop at when I get a chance. They’re all my tried-and-tested places great for getting that teacher apparel. I’ve included some of my favorite looks from those stores as well!

In General

Across the board, these are my go-to’s.

J. Crew and J. Crew Factory

It’s no surprise, as a solid chunk of my outfits on this blog come from here. I stock up every fall at J. Crew Factory, and the items are always my favorites. They’ve got school-appropriate skirts pretty much year round, and offer the best dressier pieces for work. Bonus, they also offer a teacher discount with a school ID!

Gap Factory

Most of my favorite high-quality dresses are from Gap, and almost all are work appropriate. This is also a great place to stock up on sweaters and simple tops, which they usually have on sale. Some of my favorite outerwear is from here, too.

Banana Republic

Banana tends to be a touch out of my price range, but you can occasionally hit them on one of their store-wide 50% off weekends. BR is a great place for blazers, dress pants, and the classier side of things. Ironically, my favorite loungewear is from here as well.


Ok, truth. Some Belks are great, some are not so great. I happen to be a fan of the one in Boone quite a bit. Often, I can find more than I few items I like. Most of my staple cardigans are from there, which are perfect for teachers. I also tend to like browsing both the juniors and womens sections as I’ve found items in both.


I really don’t think I need to talk Target up any. Is there any teacher that doesn’t know what a great stop this is for teacher clothes? No? I didn’t think so.

Altar’d State

If I could just have everything in this store, I’d be set for life. Some things aren’t always teacher appropriate but much of the store is. It’s like the perfect mix of boho and dressy and comfortable and casual. The catch is that it isn’t always the least expensive. This is a great place to get a few pieces that become your favorites and you reach for time and time again.


While Francesca’s is definitely on-trend, some of my all time favorite timeless pieces are from here. The items I get, I wear year after year. They’ve also got a pretty decent sales rack that occasionally has some stellar steals, like this pretty cardigan or this floral skirt.

Old Navy

Just this past week, I was in need of items to wear to school and made Old Navy my first stop. Teachers seem to like things simple: tops, pants, and dresses perfect for layering or wearing in multiple ways. That’s why I love Old Navy – items I get there I can style again and again in such a variety of combinations.

T.J. Maxx (Or Ross or Marshalls)

You have to be willing to dig a little bit, but chances are you can kind some really good items here. Loads of my shoes have come from T.J. Maxx, and quite a few simple dresses over the years. Some items are a touch pricier than I want to go, but many are well within my budget and still super cute. If you’re willing to take the time, you can find some great teacher pieces here. I shop here enough that I actually have a TJX card, which is saying something.


Maybe slightly overlooked, but these definitely shouldn’t be!


Amazon is skipped by way too often in terms of clothing. I think a huge chunk of my sister-in-law’s wardrobe comes from Amazon, and she’s a teacher. This dress is a great price and would be perfect to wear to school.


Okay, yes, this is an actual store. I just don’t happen to have one anywhere close by and kind of find shopping online here to be much easier. I’m a fan of the BP line primarily because of how affordable it is for teachers, and how many items are good staples. The Lush line also has some cute tops for teachers. Free shipping and free returns doesn’t hurt, that’s for sure.


I wrote on entire post on making the most of shopping on SheIn. Some items I wear literally on a weekly basis, some I rarely wear more than a few times. Basic cotton tops and dresses, as well as cardigans and statement items tend to be good finds. This cardigan is one of my favorites from SheIn.


Again, I wrote an entire post featuring Groopdealz. Perfect for affordable dresses, sweaters, tops, pants, leggings… you get the idea. Smaller boutiques feature daily deals in one collective spot. You’ll also find a lot of cute seasonal wear on sites like this!


Just like Groopdealz except with more daily deals. Again, a great spot for dresses and the like. If I had an endless supply of money, I’d shop from here daily. I’d also decorate my home from here. Both Groopdealz and Jane have lots of teacher themed items.


Unassuming, but perfect for those holidays where teachers get to be tacky and it’s completely acceptable. Also perfect for the English teachers and bookworms alike – I know every time I wear something Harry Potter themed, it doesn’t go unnoticed.


For the elementary teachers, there are tops themed on classic childrens lit. For middle and high school teachers, you can find most books read in the classroom on one of their tops. Word on the street is that they’re adding Harry Potter soon, too! Occasionally they’ll run promotions for teachers. I have a post in my classroom from here as well.

In Boone

Local small businesses great for items you’re bound to get compliments on that are still super comfortable!

KT Leigh’s Boutique

Like any good boutique, this one has a collection of pieces both the staple and statement pieces. I featured it not long ago on the blog! It’s become a go-to destination for me and my friends as it’s affordable and quality.

Boone Belles

It’s amazed me how much Boone Belles has grown over the years. I don’t need to talk this one up – so many teachers already shop there! While I love heading there for certain items, I have learned to be careful washing items from here. Many of mine have shrunk right up!

Lucky Penny

When I feel comfortable splurging, this is where I go. Not the cheapest, but definitely not to go unnoticed. I have found some of my favorite items from the sale rack here, though.

Teacher friends, what’s your favorite places to shop for work appropriate clothing? I’m always on the hunt for more!;)






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