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Blue and White Lace Overlay Dress


I knew it was going to be a beauty before I ordered it; it won me over the second I saw it. It deserves to be worn in a field of flowers or in wide open spaces, or on a beach with a gentle breeze. I just happen to live in the place where winter is everlasting this year, which made that kind of impossible.

What I love about this is that even though it’s a maternity style dress, I can tell that it definitely will fit me after pregnancy as well, probably better than it does now. I ordered a medium, which has been my typical size at Pink Blush, and it’s just a teensy bit tight around the chest. I wore a bralette under it that shows through in order to make myself feel a little more comfortable

Dresses like this have definitely been on trend the last year, but I haven’t seen this white and blue combination before. Pink Blush has this same dress in 7 different solid colors in maternity and 6 different colors in a regular dress. This blue and white combo comes in non-maternity as well, although they say it can be worn before during and after pregnancy

I’m trying to dress like this phase of pregnancy is glorious, but y’all… I’m not always feeling it. By the end of the day pretty much every single day, my back is OUT of commission. I’ve had to pause three to four times just writing this post to try to find a new position to sit or lay in to relieve some of the pain. I’m hoping my body grows used to it soon, but I’m definitely not betting on it. I’ll just focus on the little kicks in the belly instead of the pinches on my back and remember that every second of it is SO worth it:).

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