Every Wednesday, I attend a prayer group with some fellow teachers at one of my schools. This is my third year doing so, and it didn’t take long into my first year for me to crave this time. There is so much power in talking to the Lord with others by your side. We pray for all sorts of things, our lives and our school included. Typically, I can mentally remember the concerns that I want to bring forth.

This week, for the first time, I wrote a list. Because I couldn’t keep them all in my head at once. Because there are so many reasons for me to pray right now. Reasons in my own life, reasons in the lives of those around me. And they keep coming. Each day brings forth something new.

I keep referring to my stress; I keep referring to my exhaustion. I keep trying to get ahead, but I’m missing the main point. How can I overcome this if I keep using “I?”

I can’t.

Because referring back to what can’t do is taking away from what my God can do.

“Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you…” 

Psalm 55:22 RSV

The NIRV translates this to, “He will keep you going.” Not he will take them away. Not he will make this easy on you. He will keep. you. going.

He just needs you to acknowledge that you aren’t doing this alone. You aren’t equip with what’s needed to repair everything of this world. You, alone, aren’t given the tools to beat through the exhaustion and bear the weight because He is that tool.

I can’t. I can’t win, I can’t fix things I have no control over. I can’t combat the ceaseless responsibilities. But He can.

I’m not going to wake up tomorrow with all my burdens lifted. It’s not the absence of them that matters, it’s in whose hands I lay them. Whether I cling to my ability to conquer them on my own, or I decide to let the Conqueror claim what’s already his.

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