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Carolyn Hearn Designs

Really excited today because, y’all, I get to share with you another one of the most amazing companies that blogging has led me to. Allow me to introduce you to Carolyn Hearn Designs, a made-in-the-USA, handcrafted jewelry company firmly rooted in a passion for creativity.Darling, Dearest Darling, Dearest Darling, Dearest Darling, Dearest Darling, Dearest Darling, Dearest Darling, Dearest

These pieces are absolutely beautiful. I find myself cherishing them, placing them immediately back in their protective bags, which is something I overlook all to often with jewelry. What I love most about them is that they are timeless. They can be mixed with other accessories but make a perfect statement on their own as well. I chose the Essential Oil Love Stack because the colors of the tassels pair well with  the entirety of my closet, but I love the Free Spirit Stack as well. I chose the Spirit Necklace for for a similar reason, it literally goes with everything! All of the necklaces that Carolyn Hearn Designs offers are perfect for layering and are all. so. beautiful!

This bracelet is extra cherished as it is infused with actual essential oils! Carolyn has an entire line of products that offer this option through the addition of a clay bead. You can chose to have one added, or can add your own.

To make this company even sweeter, Carolyn has offered you guys your own discount!! Use the code “DDB20” to get 20% off! That makes my bracelets less than $30. This darling bracelet set that’s very similar to mine would be $22.40, and for handcrafted pieces like this? #worthit.

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