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Coordinating Outfits with My Girl

For all the pretty days we’ve had in Boone lately, Easter was not necessarily one of them. I searched long and hard to find perfectly matching outfits for Easter for Scarlett and me, and after purchasing two sets of identical patterned pieces, I ended up returning it all to get these. Not exactly matching, I still feel like it fit her and me better than any of the others. Thanks to a chillier Easter, we didn’t quite get to wear them! Mother’s Day was a little bit chilly too. Now we’re just saving these outfits for a pretty day, or a day we just feel like being pretty:).

I can’t get enough of Scarlett’s little smile and pointer finger. She’s completely fascinated with the self-timer on the camera, and loves the blinking light. It worked wonders for getting her to smile – better than her dad even does when he takes our picture 😂🙈

Scarlett is a MAJOR mama’s girl, and has been since she realized who her mama is. Brett and I joke that she’s a stage-5 clinger, and while there are days that it absolutely drives me crazy, I can’t help but love how much she loves me.

Whenever I look at these pictures, it makes me want to plan to match her all the more. I always love it when we match, just struggle to put in the effort to have my outfit up to the standards that hers sets. She’s always dressed to the nines these days, it’s mama that just can’t hang! Hopefully summer will make that a little bit easier!

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