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“Don’t act like you’re not impressed.”

“Last time I looked in the dictionary, my name’s Ron Burgundy. What’s your name?”
Anyone else think of Ron when the word “burgundy” comes to mind? I can’t help it. And I love the color. It’s truly one of my absolute favorites for this time of the year.  
Black Top and Cardigan, Burgundy Pants
Black Top and Cardigan, Burgundy Pants
Black Top and Cardigan, Burgundy Pants
Black Top and Cardigan, Burgundy Pants, Leopard Shoes


Black Tunic Tank Top, Burgundy Pants
Burgundy Pants, Black Tank Top
When I’m layering with a cardigan, I tend to drift toward a different color than what I’m wearing. I know it’s hard to tell in the pictures, but this cardigan almost has a sheer quality to it, which I liked when pairing it with a black tank. It’s braided around the neck with two sashes that can be used to tie it. I typically just let them drift. Being longer, it works great with tunics and leggings. I’ve noticed that I tend to buy cardigans longer these days, just to give them more versatility with my outfits. 

Both the cardigan, pants, and necklace were purchased from Jane and if you haven’t become a subscriber to their emails or been to their website, GO NOW. [Warning: You might get hooked and check it every morning before you get out of bed and make frequent purchases and end up not knowing what’s in the packages you receive because you’ve ordered so much.] The cardigan was originally from White Plum last year. This necklace is originally from Coralee Boutique, and it frequently reappears on Jane [for $13!! These are normally a minimum of $30]. 
This tank top is so stinking’ comfortable, and flowy, and just the right length, and not too low in the neckline, and just great. I bought it during a Banana Republic Factory sale, and sadly the black was the only color they had in my size. I wear it with yoga pants around the house all the time. Yet it’s so easy to dress up a little in an outfit like this! They have it online here, but sadly only in an extra small.  [I bought a small, as Banana tends to run a teensy bit large for me]
Bracelets: Renmen Abonde makes the best. 
Clutch: Boone Belles, duh. 
Shoes: These leopard loafers are becoming instinctual for me to grab.
Earrings: Also from Banana Republic Factory, but these Kate Spade ones are identical.
Get the leopard look:
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