Eight Gifts Perfect for a Graduate

This has been such a fast school year! I feel like we just started up in September, let alone for it to already be May! Working in the school system and being married to a high school teacher, we plan a lot around end of the year activities and graduation. And while it’s oh-so-typical to give the much-needed gift of money, there are so many small gifts that could accompany financial support and mean so much more.

These graduation gifts are applicable for high school and college grads alike – both involve starting out most likely somewhere new or with something new. And these gifts are perfect for new beginnings.

One. A devotional. Tend to their heart, first and foremost, and you’ll be sure that anything they set out to do will be for the Lord.

Two. A coffee mug for those early mornings, busy days, or late nights. I’m a sucker for this “so koalafied” mug – how cute!

Three. A journal. Could be a prayer journal, could be a bullet journal, could be a regular ordinary journal for whatever they feel like they need. This particular cover makes this one absolutely perfect for this life changing time period: “The daring adventures and peculiar happenings of one ____  _____.” I actually love all the covers of journals in this Etsy shop. 

Four. Stationary. First, they’ll hopefully be writing loads of thank you cards. In addition to that, it’s a good habit to get into to always have stationary available. You never know when you’ll want to write a thinking of you card, thank you card, or just because card. Bonus points if it’s personalized.

Five. A duffle bag, like this super cute one. Graduating includes traveling. Be it to college and back home, on road trips with friends, or with a new job, a weekender bag is necessary.

Six. Personalized jewelry. This is a great gift from mom and dad or for a group of friends. You could get the coordinates of your college house, of your home, or of your college in general. Or even from the location of a special trip you took while in college. Quotes are also a viable option for a group of friends. I’m a sucker for this dino set for a pair of besties.

Seven.  A shower caddy– specifically for those girls heading into college. I wish I had something this cute! Great for those community showers to keep everything together. Even for a college grad, this would be nice to have when taking trips.

Eight. Statement pillows. Every dorm room, new apartment, or new home needs some of these. I loveeee the difference pillows can make in styling a room and adding a personal flair. Be it something meaningful, or just something plain cute, these would make a great gift for anyone in a transition phase.

Scroll through the items mentioned above, below! I’ve included a few extra favorites as well, and would love to hear any other suggestions!

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