Darling, Dearest

Well, hello there my dear.

I’m Emily Green, and welcome to Darling, Dearest! Grab a coffee; stay a while.

This little space of mine is my journey to mastering the art of style with bits and pieces of life and Jesus thrown in. I’m quite the fan of fashion, but I don’t have the funds to shop inexhaustibly. While I spend my nights on this blog, I spend my days with some pretty wonderful kids as a teacher. Because teachers make such a stellar salary, you’ll find lots of budget-approved styles on here!

I do life in an incredibly beautiful place with some really beautiful people: the mountains of North Carolina. I married the best guy last June, and love building a home with him. If I’m not attached to my laptop or playing with my darling cat, Pippa, you’ll most certainly find me with my nose in a book. And probably with a glass of wine.

I want this space to be a conversation. I want you to be able to hear me as you read. That’s where the title Darling, Dearest originated. I’m addressing you, dear reader, to tag along with me. Laugh at some outfits, gain inspiration from others. Read about the blessings in my life, and let me battle the struggles with you. Let’s be friends:)

If you have any questions, or would just like to chat, feel free to email me at!

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