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Fall Colors

 I love that fall colors are always so warm and inviting. They just radiate comfort.
Fall Dress, Patterned Dress


This dress is one of my favorites that I own, and not just because the burnt orange and blues are simply wonderful together. My sister gave me this dress after I dog-sitted for a weekend.  Her puppies are truly like a niece and nephew to me, as they are fur-babies to her. [She somehow has nagged the two craziest dogs to ever exist, and we love them all the more for it.] What a creative way to say “thank you,” and most certainly a way that keeps on giving! I love this similar dress, but this one is quite a steal! 
Two of the items in this outfit can be purchased to help support a cause! These shoes are from Altar’d State and you can find these bracelets [custom-made] and Renmen Abonde. You can find similar shoes here.

These earrings I bought for my rehearsal dinner earlier this year, and LOVE. I wear them day after day, and I love that you can actually seem them through all my hair! 
What are your favorite “comforts” of fall? The food? The style? The atmosphere? The weather? Tell me about them:)!
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