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February’s Best & March Goals

I feel like February was one of those months that simultaneously sped past and seemed to take forever to draw to a close. I’m not complaining; I’m ready for warmer, longer days. But I really didn’t fulfill my own expectations for February. I think I achieved two of my last five goals? Not the record I was hoping for. Here’s to hoping I get my behind in gear during the third month of 2016:).

My favorites from January:

How to Make the Most of Lent (most read post to date!)

Cozy Cardigan with Create 28

Pastels and Brights

Valentine’s Day In (with the best shirt ever)

A Festive Valentine’s Collaboration

Instagram Roundup

white sweater, red lips

gray sweater and teal scarf

messy hair braid day

Valentine's Day Outfit

gold and animal accessories

kindle coffee and pippa

March Goals

One. Keep more thorough statistics and tracking information. I’m really bad about saying, “oh, I’ll just fill that in later,” and then never ever getting around to it. It really doesn’t take long or even that much effort. I have no excuse for being bad at this, and I know it would be easier if I just made it a habit. Hopefully, I can push myself to do this soon.

Two. Clean out my shirts. I’m a big what-if-er. I never want to let go of anything as I always wonder if, down the road, it will be exactly what I want to wear. I know that’s ridiculous.  I  my husband makes me get rid of one item for every I gain, but that still isn’t enough. Spring cleaning, right? Let’s hope!

Three. Branding. I’m really wanting to be intentional about this. Branding was one of the hardest ideas to grasp when I started this blog. It still is hard to grasp. I want to pick the exact HTML code for colors I intend to use, and select those main colors. I want to (or I want to use my sister to) design a logo for Darling, Dearest. I even want to make business cards (insert the monkey with his eyes covered emoji)! I want to make it into a complete brand.

Four. Find more communities to be a part of. Utilizing Facebook groups has been one of the biggest successes during February for me. I didn’t realize how helpful they could be. I’m amazed by how many are out there, but I don’t always know where to start looking. I want to actively seek these groups out, meet awesome bloggers, and grow my own in the process. (Any suggestions, blogger friends? I’m all ears!)

Five. Put the survey results into action. Earlier this month, I asked my readers to take a survey. (It’s not too late if you didn’t get the chance to!) The feedback was so incredibly helpful, and I just can’t wait to put it into action! Mainly, the survey helped me to target the direction of my blog and what types of content to pursue. While I’m really excited about this new content, it’s definitely going to take time to develop. With March comes my spring break, so here’s to a break full of blogging!:)

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