Fishtail French Braid Tutorial with Garnier Whole Blends

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My hair is super thick and extremely frizzy. And there is no shortage of it. When the warmer months come around, that thickness and frizziness seem to be consuming.  A ponytail is great, but it still has a whole lot of bush. Buns are nice, but they always seems to fall out. My favorite style to tame that mane? A braid. My favorite way to tame that frizz? Garnier Whole Blends Smoothing Hair Care. fishtail braid, curly hair, #wholeblends #ad
garner whole blends summer braid tutorial #ad

While I really love how soft these products make my hair, my favorite part might just be the smell! Perfect for this time of year when I’m craving the beach so badly, the scent of coconut oil and cocoa butter actually lingers in your hair beyond the initial styling. It smells so good – exactly as it sounds! Anddd better yet, the ingredients are actually good for your hair, formulated to bring out it’s natural beauty.

garner whole blends summer braid tutorial in Walmart #ad

As of now, most Walmarts carry the shampoo and conditioner, including the Walmart in Boone. Larger Walmarts contain the full line, styling products included. It gave me a pause at first trying to find them, as they were separated from other Garnier haircare lines. garner whole blends summer braid tutorial #ad

After using the Whole Blends Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner, I styled my hair and used the Whole Blends Smoothing Leave-in-Conditioner to lock in the moisture and  soften my strands. That alone works wonders just in making my hair more cooperative throughout the day.

 I typically braid my hair on the second day after washing it, when it’s starting to get just a little unruly. That’s when the frizz tends to show the most. To help make it easier to separate and braid my curls, I gave it a second coat of the Leave-in-Conditioner, and topped my hair with the Whole Blends Smoothing Oil. This oil is a miracle worker in making my hair unbelievably soft. It is the consistency of a serum, and a little goes a long way even in my hair.
garner whole blends summer braid tutorial #ad

If I’m just planning on working out or lounging around, I’ll start a fishtail braid at the base of my head. However, if I want it to look a little bit classier, I’ll wrap a fishtail braid around my head, starting a braid on both sides of my part. I begin with the side that I intend to wrap around the base of my head.

First, start with two slightly small strands of hair, and alternately add strands across the braid to the opposite strand, as tightly as you would like. Because curly hair is hard to distinguish in and of itself, I try to keep mine tight so that the braid is actually visible. Keep the braid close to the edge of your hair-line, so that it seems to curve with it. Try to leave about 1/4 of your hair separate for the opposite side.
garner whole blends summer braid tutorial #ad

Once the braid has wrapped over the base of your neck, use two ponytail holders to tie the two (much larger now) strands. Tie them tight so that you don’t lose any of the tightness within the braid; you don’t want your work to fall apart!

Then start again on the other side of your part, and repeat the fishtail braid until all your hair is within the two braids. You should now have 4 separate strands, two from each fishtail braid. Combine one from each braid with one of the other, and just continue your fishtail braid on down!

garner whole blends summer braid tutorial #ad

Knowing that curly hair has a mind of it’s own, I tend to pull the sides of my unattached braid loose a bit to give it a more natural, relaxed look. After I finished, I used another squirt of the Whole Blends Smoothing Oil to finish off the look and tame any leftover frizz.

garner whole blends summer braid tutorial #ad

The Whole Blends Smoothing Hair Care is just one of 6 different Whole Blends lines (each with it’s own delicious smell!) so there’s a type for every style of hair. Check out each regimen in the Whole Blends line here. Which appeals the most to you?

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