Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 6.17

Whoa. So, first, let me apologize. I have been so absent from the blog world lately. Two weeks with no Friday Favorites (sorry Grandma – I know you enjoy reading those!), two weeks with just two posts. I’ve skimped on engagement, I’ve skimped on responding. And while I feel guilty about slacking on my responsibility to this passion/hobby/job of mine, I can only let myself feel guilty to an extent. Because lately? I have lived. 

I spent three nights celebrating my sister’s birthday, I went climbing, I ate out or spent time with friends on a nightly basis. I painted two bathrooms, I made it through the end of the school year, I celebrated friends leaving. And when I laid down each night, I withheld from the work that typically leads to a 12:00 bedtime.

And I also can’t promise that the regular posting schedule or activity will be back to normal in the next few weeks, because I leave Monday for NEW ORLEANS with my mom and sister and return only to leave straight for CHARLESTON to celebrate one rockin’ year of marriage. Excitement is overflowing in me right now… but I’m also slightly terrified of that kind of heat.

Finally, my favorites from the last couple of weeks:

One.  Large amounts of time with people I really love. Like farmers markets, and hammocks, and lunches, and dinners, and drinks, and living room chats. These two – I will miss them so much this summer, while they galavant across Europe or pour into youth at a Young Life Camp. IMG_0278 IMG_0284

Two. Ample amounts of time spent with these two. Meet Kyah, the smiliest dog ever. She’s made an appearance or two on the blog before:) And as for my brother-in-law and husband, they give each other such a hard time but just look at them – they’re really besties. IMG_0285IMG_0287

Three. My first Margarita. I know, I know, say what??? See, I’m not a tequila fan… at all. But sometimes, getting a marg with the girls after work is just what you do, right? We decided this moment was worth capturing.

Four. High School Graduation. It’s a little (lot) different on this side of things. This was the first time that I’ve gotten to see my husband in action in his handsome black robes. #Proudwife for sure. And in this small county, it just feels right to go to the graduation. We heard 4 excellent speeches, celebrated a few of the students with graduation parties, and took pride in being Watauga County educators. My husband also took pride in the fact that he totally could’ve passed as a Hogwarts student in that robe.



Five. Making our house a home. This one has been a LONG time coming, but it is. finally. here. Painting, renovating, fixing all takes long hours, but it feels so good to finally have certain things accomplished, like the firepit that now resides in our yard. Spending this much time at home also means extra lovin’ from this girl:


So here’s to that easy, slow, relaxed summer I expected kicking off with a bang;).

Bloggers, how do you balance life and your blog? I’d love any advice, because I’m not on top of it.

Happy Friday, friends!

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