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Friday Favorites 2.12

One. Snow Days. Y’all. I wrote four posts within 24 hours. That’s a lot. That’s productivity! And at the end of the day, I felt it. Not necessarily on top of things – because lets be real, that’s impossible. I feel successful. And I’ll take that any day. [But I’m ready for spring. Kind of. No, I am.]

Two. The rally behind the Carolina Panthers. Y’all know I love my team. So, so much. And Sunday night hurt. It hurt to see them hurt. But this great state? These fans? They came out to support their team. I have loved seeing the support to congratulate and be proud of the team despite the loss. They had a heck of a year and it was the most fun year to be a fan yet.

Three. This sweet cat. I mean, just look at her. Isn’t she beautiful? She was a stray, and she’s the biggest blessing Brett and I could have found. I’m allergic to her, and yet I still let her sleep next to me on my pillow every night. She’s worth it, don’t you think?


Four. The AIG specialists in Watauga County. There are only 8 of us, but it’s a stellar group. We met on a work day to begin revising our AIG Plan [our guide to everything pertaining to our job] and I think I truly laughed half of the time. It’s just so great to work with such a fun group, to be excited to go on professional development trips with them. It’s also great to be on first name basis with half your central office staff – which is the exact opposite of life in Guilford County. Oh Watauga, you’re worth battling 100s of applicants for a job.

Five. The support of friends and family. This past Tuesday afternoon, I was working around the house when an idea for a post hit me. I was deciding what I wanted to give up or change for lent, and the post was born. It was on a whim and it was impulsive. And it was published within a couple of hours from when the idea originated – which never happens with faith related posts. And it spread like wildfire. This post, in two days, became my second most-read post ever. I shared it, and then my dad shared it, and then friends, and then friends of friends, and it blew me away. Because, my dear, that is exactly what the Holy Spirit does. He comes in, and plants a seed, and knowing you, he knows what you’ll do with that seed, and he lets good work happen.

Tell me about your week, darling.

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