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Friday Favorites 2.19

I’m sorry, but where is February going? You won’t hear me complaining; this girl is ready for spring. (Which you might hear me mention often if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter… sorry!) I’m just anxious right now. You know that feeling? I’m ready for what’s next. Which might be the result of some of these favorites, and I’m ok with that:).

One. Blogging Milestones. Y’all, I passed 10,000 page views in a month this week. And I don’t know what is average or normal or consistent for this time frame of blogging, but I’m excited by that none-the-less. I’m sure being able to dedicate time due to snow days helped to impact that, but I’m grateful still. Baby steps, y’all. Baby steps.

Two. Rest. We didn’t have school until yesterday thanks to snow, so that meant Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday the husband and I abused the notion of sleeping in. We also weren’t overly active on those days either, just bits of cleaning here and there. I’m still sleepy (because that’s a never ending battle) but I do feel as if I’ve rested. And that’s a good feeling.

Three. Target. I live in a town without a Target. There isn’t one even remotely close by, where I could take an easy afternoon trip. So whenever I go home, I soak up any chance I have to go to one. If that means dragging my dad there when we are out to get a quick lunch, so be it. Because Target Dollar Spot? That’s like a teacher/blogger/crafter/decorator’s dream. I lucked out and found a pen that says “I’d rather be blogging,” which I plan on using every single day.

Target Dollar Spot

Four. The husband and I didn’t really get to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We were apart for part of the day and then traveled the rest. So why is this on my favorites list? I think I’m just hopeful that we will get to celebrate it soon. He coaches golf at the high school and is about to lose his afternoons and evenings. But maybe by saying this now, we’ll be intentional as to making it happen? Here’s to hoping.

Darling, Dearest

Five. Survey results. On Monday, I posted a survey for my readers. (If you haven’t taken it yet, please do!) While I’m still hoping to get a few more responses, I’m already thrilled with the ones I’ve received and the direction that this blog will head! Topics that I was hoping to see requested are being chosen, feedback is positive, and the advice is helpful. It’s giving me lots of new ideas for content… andddd a lot to work on!

Lastly, in case you were wondering, this is where I live. Stunning, right? I wake up to this and drive in this and fall in love with this every day. Thanks to my grandfather for showing me this!

How was your week, darling?

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