Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 2.26

So, this week it’s kind of a struggle to think about listing favorites. This week was rough. Not so much in terms of attitudes and overall outlook on day-to-day activities, but just being optimistic about the state of things. However, you aren’t reading this to hear about the hard stuff. Let’s put a brave face on and find the positives:).

One. Cooking. Recently, Brett and I joined Blue Apron thanks to a coworker of mine. We’ve just finished our first week and I successfully cooked pork chops for the first time! We are trying foods we have never heard of and truly eating healthy. I’m excited to see what I get comfortable with and how it’ll force me to go beyond the basics of pasta and chicken.

Two. Fun field trips. I got to spend Wednesday on App State campus on a field trip. I’m a sponsor for a club at one of my schools that works to create a post-secondary mindset in the kids. It was a very small group of students from four schools (including both of mine) and quite a few chaperones. And it was just simply fun. The chancellor (yes, the top dog, head honcho) from Appalachian sat with our school. It was so interesting and neat to be able to hear her conversation with the kids and the advice she had to offer to create leaders in them. I loved Chancellor Peacock when I went there, but now I really just think App is blessed with awesome leaders.

Three. Snow day. You know that feeling you get in your body when sickness is starting to take hold? That was creeping up on me Wednesday night, so much so that I took a nap (which I never let myself do, and truly didn’t intend to then). I don’t want to make up any more days than we need to, but I needed sleep. Lo and behold, Thursday was a snow day. And sleeping occurred. I’ll take that as a little hidden blessing from my Lord. It was greatly appreciated.

Four. I mentioned it yesterday, but this is a big birthday week in our family. Last night, we celebrated my husband’s father on his birthday. This weekend, we’re heading home to celebrate my grandmother’s 80th. That means that this week has a lot of family time and I’m a big fan of that. Besides, when the people around you are that great, you’ll take any chance to celebrate them.

Five. Knowing that the Lord is granting peace to my heart. Like I said, this week was rough. I could easily be super upset and frustrated and worried and angry. I could be just plain sad. But I’m not. And that’s not something I’m typically good at – letting the little things not bother me. There’s only one explanation for that, and that’s the Lord. He’s got to be giving me peace. He’s got to be taking that worry and anxiety away from me. Because he’s always got me.

How was your week, my dearest darling?

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