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Friday Favorites 2.5

February has already started off busy, but I’m not going to complain. I’m snuggled in with my cat, up past my bedtime (as per usual) and enjoying a glass of wine. I’m fortunate. Here’s to another week of being tired and hectic and blessed!

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One. PANTHERS ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!!!!!!! I don’t know how to adequately express my excitement over this event. I love the Panthers right now. I’m always a fan. But this specific team? They are like high school boys out there – goofing off and having fun and building each other up holding each other accountable and I just love them. The nerves and anticipation I feel waiting for Sunday night to come around can’t be explained. Oh, and I’m in love with Luke Kuechly. Like half the female population of the Carolinas.

Two. Another source of anticipation is the weekend ahead with my dear friend, Marjorie! This girl is my go-to for everything pertaining to life. She has been the source of wisdom and comfort in more situations than I can count over the last few years. So much of this blog is due to her guidance and motivation and support, including the name and the fact that it actually exists. I’m literally texting her right now phrasing advice for an application I’m completing. She is a true blessing for a friend – and I can’t wait to spend the weekend together!!


Three. Field Trips. I went on an overnight field trip with 14 students in the Beta Club at one of my schools on Monday and Tuesday. While this was very tiring, it was also quite a success. Out of over 4,000 students, our little group of 14 took home two first place finishes in different events at the conference! Our school had never placed before, so this was quite an exciting achievement! Also on the trip, my sweet mom met up with us for lunch on Monday. There’s just something about seeing and being with your mother amidst a hectic and crazy situation that does something for the heart. We barely had time to eat together as we were running a little behind, but it was still treasured time!

Four. Gifts. A dear friend and I have decided that my love language is gifts. The act of giving and the thought behind it always means more to me than just simple words. [My husband is literally the complete opposite. We often discuss his desire for me to say “I love you” more and my desire to be shown it more!] I vented to that dear friend a bit earlier this week about a few frustrations I was facing and my struggle with lack of sleep. When I arrived to school on Wednesday, she greeted me with a coffee from my favorite coffee shop and a hand written poem! There’s no way you can start a day off wrong when someone does something like that.

“I really love you

And you really love coffee

This is a haiku.”

d.monaco scarf

d.monaco scarf c/o

Five. Progress. I feel like I’m making progress on this blog of mine. Collaborations, features, joining networks and societies… it’s moving somewhere. It’s slow and steady, no doubt. But it’s still progress. And I’ve learned that progress deserves recognition and celebration. So here’s to small steps of growth!

Tell me about your week, how was it darling?

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