Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 3.18

It’s a leisurely Friday morning. I sit here, sipping coffee, enjoying the company of six wonderful friends.   That’s a great way to start a day.

One. Let’s start at the very beginning, with last Friday night. It started with getting a manicure with my sister-in-law and ended with surprising my husband as he won an award in front of over 3000 DECA members at the NC DECA convention. What a feeling it was to hear his name, see him walk on stage, watch his students cheer, and then surprise him as he walked off. He needed that. Long weeks and all. Go Husband. You rock.

Two. Professional Development. Now, I’m a little burnt out on this right now. I’ve spent quite a bit of time recently on field trips and at PD and at competitions and when I’m only at each of my schools a couple of days a week, it seems like I’m never there. BUT this last one was in downtown Charlotte, which I had never been to before! I think I fell just a little bit in love. Just a little bit. I just love to imagine myself living a more typical twenty-something life in a city every once in a while. I know it’s so drastically different from my own.

Three. My husband’s encouragement. I had the best of intentions to head down here (to Asheville) later today. But as pictures were sent from the group already here, I was sorely missing that extra day of vacation. I texted Brett (because he’s who I complain to) saying that I was just ready to go. And I really didn’t expect him to say, “Then do it! You deserve it! Go! You need a break.” So, thanks to many many things working out, I ended up taking a long mountain drive last night and stumbled my way into Asheville. And now I’m here. And my heart is so, so happy.

Four. On that note, can we just talk about how wonderful North Carolina is? I have been in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Kernersville, Asheville, Charlotte, and of course Boone over the last two weeks. And my goodness, this state is unable to be matched. So much personality and beauty. So many neat places to enjoy.

Five. I have pretty friends. I have pretty great friends, too. We’re all sorts of ages and we live somewhat all over and it’s just great to be with them again. Time with them means absolutely no worries, no obsessing over what I eat or drink, no filtering my thoughts, no hiding my grumpiness in the mornings or silliness at night, just pure relaxation. Here’s to a filled weekend:)

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