Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 4.15

While the weekend itself was enjoyable, this week started off with a not so great Monday. When I went home, I let my self “quit” the day. And I started Tuesday with the intentions of not letting it be a repeat, and the days haven’t let me down since. Even more so, I’ve been slightly burnt out on teaching lately. You can’t teach unless your heart is in it. I firmly believe that. Every time I start feeling this way (which is more often than I feel comfortable admitting), the one thing that always draws me back in? My students. So they get a few shout outs this week:)

One. Last Saturday, we celebrated my grandmother’s 94th birthday! She is a beautiful 94, let me tell you. Because my family is all spread out from New York to Texas, we aren’t typically able to get together as a group more than Christmas. With our wedding, the holidays, and now this celebration, we’ve all been together three times in one year. What a blessing that is! And what a blessing it is that we’ve gotten to love on our grandmother for another year:)

IMG_1141IMG_1130Because he actually takes the time to read my blog (which is probably the farthest from his type of thing there ever was), here’s to the best brother-in-law in the world.

IMG_1189Love these people. So much!  (This ultracomfy dress was on the blog earlier this week!)

Two. To counteract the bumps along the road on Monday, my husband surprised me with flowers! He came home from a golf match, walked straight into the bedroom (because, logically, I was already in bed), and said “I brought you red roses because I love you.”

I like getting flowers. They make me happy

brett flowers

Three. Books. I love to read. Love it. First love. Major love. I could read for hours upon hours. And I really think it makes a huge difference when I pick books for my students to read with me that I already love. If I get excited about it, they are much more likely to be excited too. I’m starting new novel studies with a few of my groups (being super ambitious because it’s so close to the end of the year) and they are eager to get farther in the book! They’ve asked to read for homework. Like.. What? Asking for homework? That just makes me so excited. And when they give me the sequel to a book we’ve already read, because they want me to be able to share it with future groups. You can’t help but feel great after that.

Four. My kids, again. I took a few groups to a math competition yesterday. A portion of them, my 6th graders, went to it pretty determined to be the best. See, the thing is, in 7th and 8th grade, the AIG kids take accelerated math classes. It’s basically a year and a half of math within one year. This acceleration is their AIG service. When I’m working with 9 grade levels at two schools, any help like that is great.  Well…. my students aren’t to happy about not receiving AIG math enrichment next year. Truth be told, neither am I, because these kids are awesome. So, on Wednesday, they try to make a bargain with me. If they come in 1st in the competition, I would make math happen next year.  Now, between you and me, I’m trying no matter what. But yesterday, when they competed, they worked so dang hard to reach that. And all four of them came in the top 11! Out of 160. 160 really, really bright kids. Every time they realized they were doing well, they would remind me of their hopes to have class next year. How in the world could I not want to bend over backwards to make that happen for them? They didn’t get 1st. They got 2nd, and I could not be more proud.

Five. Reading, again. So here’s the deal. There’s this book. It’s one of those books that you read year after year. That your heart craves and your spirit needs. It’s one of those rare books that can change your life. I don’t mean change your life Harry Potter style (even though those totally can too), I mean change your heart, change your life. It’s called A Voice in the Wind. And you need to read it. This is take four for me, and I have no doubt that I’ll gain something completely new.

A Voice in the Wind

Tell me about your week my friends, how was it?

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