Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 4.22

This week has absolutely flown by. I honestly don’t know where it went?! It’s like I can’t even remember fully living it. It was a good week, I know that, but I can’t really remember what happened! What I won’t forget, though, is this weather:).

One. Oh my goodness gracious Boone has been unbelievably beautiful this week.  My skin has seen sun, and it felt amazing. I was determined to be outside when our temperature hit the 70s on Sunday, so I attempted to lay on a blanket in our yard. Turns out that we have a tun of bees. And wasps. And instead of remaining paranoid, I packed my book and blanket in my car and hit the parkway. I ended up on one of my favorite backroads in a pasture. Imagine this: rolling hills, clear sky, no city noise, and the most perfect breeze. I was utterly content. (Side story: I was so lost in my book that I didn’t realize cows had snuck up on me until they were about 20 feet away, and thus I proceeded to hurriedly pack up and scurry back to my car.)

Two. Second time enjoying the pretty weather: Boone is blessed with lots of nearby areas to walk, one being our local Greenway. After taking a brief stroll with a dear friend, we were able to catch a baseball game of some of her/our students. It really is one of my favorite things to do, see my kids in action. It doesn’t hurt to get a little more sun, too:).

Three. Let’s just all take a moment to appreciate how cute my cat is. I mean… let’s be real. She’s the prettiest. Or perhaps the most loved. Which is why she fully understands that this is her bed, and she just let’s us sleep in it too. Leaving her every morning when she just wants to snuggle is the biggest struggle of all.

Darling, Dearest

Four. Pretty weather has me craving a picnic. Nothing says picnic quite like gingham, and this gingham blanket would be perfect to lay in the grass with. While this blanket is a bit on the pricier end, I absolutely adore it. This would definitely be the most practical (and affordable) option. As for the basket to accompany the blanket, this is a classic and affordable option. This one would make a great gift thanks to being personalized. Other fun picnic items include this wine stand perfect for the frequent spiller like myself, and this fancy cheese board to complete the atmosphere;).

Five. Soo…. I posted my first sponsored post this week. And apparently it was decent, and they promoted it on Facebook. Which skyrocketed my stats. Which also means that my face is popping up on literally thousands of different Facebooks. Which blows my mind. I’ve been stalking my newsfeed trying to find it with no success yet. If you by chance happen to see me, you know, being promoted, would you mind taking a picture and sending it to me? So I can geek out and freak out and pinch myself and realize that this is actual real life. 😊

How was your week, friends? Is the weather just as pretty where you are?

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