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Friday Favorites 4.29

Y’all. I don’t know what it is, but this week I can’t seem to gather up any energy what-so-ever. I haven’t even allowed myself to stay up reading at night, and I still am struggling each morning! Well… I’m forever struggling in the morning. #Ihatemornings. The husband was away for half the week, and he is my alarm clock, lunch packer, and peace keeper before 7:00 AM. When he’s gone, my routine suffers. But still, despite his absence, I’d say this week definitely had it’s highlights!

One. Sleepover. What do you do when you have a house all to yourself? You invite some of your best gals over and have a full on girls night, complete with wine and cake and girl talk. One of my favorite things about moving back to Boone has been connecting with two girls that I never expected to be two of my best friends. But goodness, they are good for my heart. You are never too old for a sleepover!

Two. I almost participated in a quidditch match. I found Waldo. I watched robots battle. I saw Storm Troopers and Kylo Ren. In one day! App State had it’s own little person of Comic Con on the same day that the robotics club I sponsor (AIG teacher here) had a competition. Which also happened to be the same day that App’s quidditch club was having a scrimmage. Real life, y’all. We waited in line to be a sub (I was gearing up for the beater position (because, Fred and George)) but had to head out before our chance came. Major bummer, but still. I was technically on a team for a few minutes, right? #goals.

Three. Let me introduce you to the coolest toy in the world. A View-Master. I don’t mean the kind you insert a disc into and click through a circle of pictures. I mean the kind you use Google Street View to find any location in the world to travel to and enter a virtual reality where you LITERALLY feel like you are there. I kid you not! Some places you can even walk around in! I was introduced this through school, and ordered one for myself. I completely geeked out the first time I held one, and traveled to Hawaii, Australia, and Mt. Doom (yes, that Mt. Doom, in Mordor, in Middle Earth). If you are a teacher, you need this in your classroom. I was able to take my students, who are reading a book that is set at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, to the actual Biltmore Estate. They’ve never been. They were able to vividly see the setting of the book! They stood directly in front of the house. They fell in love with the library, like me! Even if you are not a teacher, you need this too. You can probably tell by my excitement right now – it really is that cool! For $17 dollars, you are buying an infinite amount of trips.

Four. My favorite type of shoes came in the mail. I allow myself once a year, at least, to get a pair of Toms. They are my absolute favorite type of shoe. They are the most comfortable shoes I’ve found, and can handle day after day of teaching on my feet. I also happen to have small feet, which means that I can fit in to the less expensive kids Toms. I typically wear a 6.5 in women’s shoes, and I wear a 4 in kids! I’ve also found that the kids shoes have more durable soles. This pair? $22!!! That’s so worth it, especially since a little kid is getting a pair of shoes, too!


Five. Sunrises. We’re hitting that perfect time of the year where we leave the house each day exactly when the sun is rising. And our house directly faces the east, so it rises right over our mountain view. It is stunning. I want to take a picture of it every time, but it never quite does it justice. To give you a taste of what I see every day, here are these completely unedited pictures:

IMG_2082 IMG_2067 IMG_0241

I know, the Lord is so very good.

How was your week, my dear?

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