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Friday Favorites 4.8

This week went by quickly, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. That’s exactly what we needed the first week back from spring break! Now, I just need this pesky chilly weather to be gone so I can get back to enjoying beautiful spring:)

Pretty Flowers. I’m finding myself looking for beauty on every drive I have. We came home from Easter to discover that my one of my favorite flowers, buttercups, is planted in our yard. Really, how can someone not grin a bit win they stumble upon beauties like these?


These tulips are in my grandmother’s yard. She has always had the most beautiful flowers this time of year.


Paper Chains. Why yes, I am quite ready for summer. I’m a teacher – that’s in our very nature. Soooo I might’ve taken it back to my own elementary school days and possibly made a paper chain to help me countdown. There’s just something about tearing that little piece of paper when I get home each day…;).

Wine and Dessert. What better to buy with a gift card from students than wine and dessert with another teacher friend? After spending some time apart adventuring over spring break, we pleasantly caught up while splitting two of the most delectable desserts I’ve had in a while. (Boone dears- Red Onion has an on point dessert list!) That’s my kind of Wednesday night.

New Clothes. Thanks to collaborations with companies and really good sales, I’m having a steady influx of new items to wear lately! There’s just something exciting about wearing something for the very first time – and wanting to wear it every day for a week straight. It also makes me more eager to blog, knowing that I’m sharing something my readers can actually find and purchase. (You might happen to see this dress on the blog soon:))

Afternoon Snack. I love food so very much. And when eating an early lunch at school, I typically always need a snack to hold me off until the boy comes home from golf practice. What I’ve been loving lately? Fresh mozzarella. I love any and all types of cheese, they’ll get no discrimination from me. I could eat it plain, but one of my favorite ways is to toss some pieces in balsamic vinegar (I have a blackberry version from Art of Oil that is divineeee with it) and then layer it between two Big Cheez-Its. Incredibly odd, but I love it none the less!

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