Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 5.6

Why is it that every time Friday comes around, I feel like I can’t even remember the week? And this one has felt slow, too.

One. Saturday was spent with friends. After watching some precious little ones in a dance recital, the husband and I journeyed to take pictures and stumbled upon the most beautiful location, seen below and in this post🙂 Anddd a sweet friend had a birthday, which most definitely resulted in celebrating. Saturday was busy, but any day spent with friends is good.


Two. Closet Organization. My friend introduced me to velvet hangers, and I’m hooked. They have redefined my closet. They probably cut down about 30% of the space, and make it look so much more neat and orderly. Amazon has them cheaper than Walmart, but T.J. Maxx tends to have good deals too!

Three. Teacher Appreciation Week. First of all, this week is awful for a diet. And I’m not mad about it at all:). Really though, the genuine notes and words of thanks mean more than the students will ever know. When they get excited to show you appreciation? That is so sweet. As a specialist, we’re often overlooked as “teachers.” That’s not me complaining, I’ve been a classroom teacher and know the time and dedication it takes to the students within your four walls. But you really can tell the students you make a strong bond with, despite the limited time.  Those are the ones that prove to you they see you as their teacher, too.

Four. Tea Kettle! My sweet friend gave the husband and I a slightly belated wedding gift, one we (or maybe just me) are guaranteed to use regularly. I just started using it, and I’m already hooked! This year I really have become a tea drinker. It’s just so calming.

Shop some lovely ones here:

Five. My husband is finally home, and for good! After being in and out for what seemed like weeks, the boy is home. Whatever traveling we have approaching soon, we’re at least traveling together. That means I won’t be the only one doing laundry and washing dishes. That also means I’ll have someone to pack my lunch and get me water and make sure I wake up in the mornings. Life runs so much smoother when he’s close by.

How was your week, my darling?

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