Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 9.7

One. I’ve mentioned over the last few weeks that I’m working on a project, and I think I’m ready to let you guys in on it! In order to make it worthwhile, I really need your input on it. Taking this super quick survey below would be a huge help to me!

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Two. Spotify Weekly is my jam. Every week, I eagerly await Monday to see what new goodies Spotify has for me. My favorite from this week? Enjoy:)


Three. Binge watching. I’ve spent so many hours this week learning how to maneuver Convertkit and email newsletters and opt-in incentives and the behind-the-scenes things that never really get posted. And the best way to do that? With

Four. A clean house. Anyone else out their the messier counterpart of a couple? (Insert girl with her hand raised emoji.) That’s 110% me. My husband likes things clean. He’ll let go once in a while when he is exhausted from school, but our house never gets too far on the messy end of things. I came home from volleyball games today to a very clean house, which he proceeded to continue doing laundry for throughout the night. Winning.

Five. J. Crew Factory Sale! Y’all – this is my store. And it’s 50% off! I’ve already planned an afterschool date with my husband to stock up on some fall and winter essentials. I could always use a new vest, and this leopard print cardigan is calling my name loud and clear! This wool skirt might be topping the wishlist currently, but ALL the plaid… I want it all.


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