Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 9.9

One. Labor Day. Our 3-day weekend didn’t go exactly as planned, what with fighting off colds, a broken weed-whacker, and an ant problem. But it was still rest and it was still a day off, and this little gem of a coffee mug reminded me of all I needed.

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Two. FANTASY FOOTBALL!!!!! We have a family league for fantasy football and it is the most fun thing. We’re on our fourth year of it, and it’s my whole family and my husband’s whole family. We try to get together during the draft, but living in various places makes that a little bit hard. We at least had our parents over for the draft, and my team? I’m pretty stoked. I’ve never placed lower than 4th in the league!

Three. Speaking of parents, mine are in town for THE ENTIRE WEEK! I love when I get to see them on a regular basis, even if it is in little doses here and there.

Four. Avett. I’m SUPER tired today and that’s one main reason. But oh my goodness do the Avett Brothers put on a good show. If you haven’t seen them in concert, even if folksy music isn’t your thing- they are so, so worth it. They played for two and a half hours straight. So worth being tired.


Five. On top of getting to see the Avett Brothers, I also was able to see it with one of my dearest friends. She lives in NYC and back home for a week, and as luck would have it was able to come up for the concert! Turns out, over the last 4 years, we’ve spent three September 8th’s together, which is crazy for living so many states apart. (She also works for Ralph Lauren on 5th Avenue. I’ll let all of us fashion bloggers soak up that jealousy for a minute.)


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