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Friday Favorites

One. I suspect Bellatrix Lestrange with the mandrake in the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. Because what else can grown-ups do on Friday nights that could possibly be better than making butterbeer and playing Harry Potter Clue? Yes, the correct answer is absolutely nothing. Nothing is better than that. Bonus points if it’s some of your greatest friends that make you laugh endlessly and just plain get you. Friends that get you are the best. IMG_0019

Two. Family Reunions. I know, I know, you’re thinking, “Whatttttt? Who actually likes those?” Well, you see, my family is great. And I don’t get to see them enough. And my grandmother is simply the loveliest of ladies. She’s 93 and could easily pass for being in her 70s. I kid you not! Apparently age is kind to the Edwards family [come on genes, be good to me!]. Here’s to looking forward to the next few weeks and the many family Christmas festivities that come along!

Three. My husband turned another year older. [Confession: I totally stunk as being the wife of someone with a birthday for the first time. I’m quite ashamed of it. Brett, I’m sorry. You’re great, really great. Sorry. So sorry.] More on him and that day here.

Four: Statement Earrings. I am beginning to feel like I’ve stumbled across a long lost love of mine that immediately needs to be rekindled and rejuvenated.

Five. Cookie Decorating. After an impulse purchase, my husband and I spent part of Thursday night decorating these tacky sweater cookies. We have 101 other things that we could have been or needed to be doing, but taking the time to do this just helped to lighten the load of the week. I’m all for every Christmas themed activity we can fit in, like singing loud for all to hear [name that movie].


And because sharing God’s beauty is something that should always be done more than it is…


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