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Friday Favorites

Last week, I skipped this. I had every intention of posting, but Thanksgiving came along and writing a post seemed to fall way down on the priority , as it should. So, if I may, this week’s post is extending a little beyond last Saturday.

One. Obviously, Thanksgiving.

Darling, Dearest Darling, Dearest Darling, Dearest Darling, Dearest Darling, Dearest Darling, Dearest Darling, Dearest Darling, Dearest Darling, Dearest Darling, Dearest

Two. The yearly tradition of watching Elf with one of my best friends. This started when we were in college during our sophomore year. That would make this our 7th year in the tradition. We dearly love to laugh, and Buddy never fails to make that happen. We lived together for the last two years in college, but we also lived in the same dorm for the first two. She has seen me at my absolute worst [like, crying-my-eyes-out can’t-get-a-breath worst] and has loved me through it. Thanks to the Lord we both love, we now also work at the same school! How many people get to do that- literally work with their best friend. Me. I get to.

Three. Talent. I teach a lot of kids that have a lot of talent. And I’ve mentioned before that relationships are the foundation of my teaching pedagogy. Showing these kids that I truly, wholeheartedly care about their lives outside of the four walls of our classroom really matters to me. I believe it matters to them as well. I had the opportunity to watch some of my students perform in a community play last night… can I get an agent on the phone? Boone has talent. Because even though my students are gifted academically, they have so much more to give than just book smarts.

Four. Good Lessons. Since I work with kindergarten through 8th grade, I have a wide variety of lessons in one day. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I see 9 different groups of kids. I have a total of 42 lessons a week. No technical grading with my job, just boat loads of planning. No, not all of these lessons are great. Many are average. Many are projects. Many are explorations. But some- every once in a while, some will end and I feel like I just won a lottery. I had two like that within the last week. Both, ironically, revolved more around learning life lessons rather than curricular lessons. Content was just the avenue we took to get there. I’ve only been teaching 4 years, but I stand firm in believing that while my purpose is to instill specific curricular standards into the children, the more meaningful [note: not more important (although that is certainly arguable)] role I assume is that of a mentor, supporter, and guide to young human beings rather than just young intellectuals.

Five. Movie night with the husband. Generally speaking, my husband and I can agree on movies. There might be a time [or two] where I want to watch something animated and he wants to watch something shoot-’em-up. Mostly though, we like what we like. It was one of the things that originally brought us together. We decided to block Wednesday night off and stay in to watch The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Taking the time to do that is just something I appreciate. It makes the week seem a little lighter.

My dear, what were your favorites from this week?

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