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Friday Favorites

One. Bogs. I have been wearing these shoes almost daily lately. They keep my feet toasty warm in the coldest of temperatures, I stay dry while trucking through snow, and they work with just about every outfit.  I own this pair, and they have proven their worth to me time and time again. I really, really want this pair.

Bogs Footwear

Other Favorites:

Two. Soup. When it’s cold outside, is there anything better than a nice, warm bowl of soup? I wasn’t a soup fan until I moved to Boone and discovered the deliciousness that is Our Daily Bread. I didn’t try my hand at making any until recently. Any suggestions on recipes?

Three. Coffee mugs. Spending more time at home this week (helloooo snow days) means drinking out of regular mugs rather than my beloved Yeti. I am such a sucker for a cute coffee mug. They make me happy.

Four. Thankfulness. So, I had a slightly scary experience in my car driving home on Wednesday. My cars fine, I’m fine. I was literally in front of my neighbor’s house – so close to home. I got a little stuck on the side of the road, which for us is like the side of a mountain, and was slightly terrified. So what happens? My neighbor comes out and works her way around the snow to help maneuver me out, and my other neighbor drives over with a plow to clear the path to my driveway. My husband wasn’t home yet, so to find that kind of generosity and support in our neighbors… it just fills my heart so much. We baked them muffins as a “thanks,” and ended up spending almost two hours out of the house just socializing with them. I knew we were blessed when we found this home of ours, but I had no way of knowing how blessed.

Five. When you find out you’re about to get 2 feet of snow, what do you do? You invite your friends over for an epic snowed-in party. We cooked, danced, played games, you know… what typical twenty somethings do. On the agenda for today is sledding, snow angel making, snow cream, and most certainly a whole lot of laughter.

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