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Friday Favorites

Hello, my friend. How was your week?  

In case you are new to Darling, Dearest, every Friday I share five favorites from the previous week. Ranging from events to items, from sayings to songs, these are the little bits and pieces that make up my life. I’d love to hear about yours, as well!

One. Two hour delays. How could this not be first on my list today? After getting over a foot of snow [our ruler measured 17 inches!?!] last week, we had no school on Monday and two-hour delays every day since! I’ve woken up to see the sun rise each of these mornings. I have the perfect view of it straight from my pillow, right over the tops of mountains. I start my day as an actual functioning human being. It’s just simply wonderful.

Two. Netflix. I wonder if the creator of Netflix had snow days in mind when the idea originated? My husband and I have somewhat similar taste in shows. By that I mean he’ll enjoy all of the shows I watch, but most of his are a bit too intense for me. We found common ground on Arrow and The Flash. In about two weeks, we’ve successfully watched 74 shows. Now, typing that I realize insane that actually sounds. Just keep in mind we’ve had a few snow days. We do have lives, I promise.

Three. Growing as a blogger. This week was an exciting week for me as new collaborations have been planned and connections have been made. I reached out to a brand, making the initial contact, for the very first time. I feel successful this week. And that’s an adrenaline that I want to foster and encourage.

Four. Girls night. Half-priced wine? The most amazing brussels sprouts ever? Giddy girl chat? Live jazz? Yes, to all of the above. While chatting with a friend on Wednesday, we mentioned that we both were really struggling with managing our attitudes about many things lately. And even though letting some of that steam off and venting your troubles out is at times a course of action needed to be taken, sometimes you just need people to pour into you. So when we intentionally get together to tackle that attitude and seek out joy – this, my darlings, is good for the soul.

Five. Typically, when I share songs, I share them first. But I don’t want to set the stage… I want to drop the mic. The song alone is enough to take a hold of your heart, but this video serves to increase the chills.

 “You give me faith like a child, in you my heart runs wild.”

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