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Friday Favorites

When I first sat down to write this, I was honestly struggling to think of a top five from this past week. I touched on it Wednesday, but this week was hard. Stressful. Exhausting. And yet, here I am, it’s almost Friday, and I made it.

One. I’m going to start with a song. Driving to school yesterday, I simply couldn’t settle on a station. There was no song playing that I wanted to hear. That’s big for me – I need music in the morning. I really dislike mornings, and music even beats coffee as the absolute best thing to help settle my mind. [I blame you for this, Dad. You made us girls love our music.] I was almost starting to get frustrated, trying to find that song to set me at peace, when this one came on. And it fit. It’s always fit.

Two. I love how the Lord places people in your life and you would never know the role that they have to play. I’ve mentioned before that at both of the schools I work in, I’m surrounded by some of my dearest friends. So that means every day this week, I have received encouragement and love and support and joy from these cherished friends. To know that I can walk down the hall on any given day and see someone who helps to make it all better is just such a blessing.

Three. A fireplace. I am a sucker for a fireplace. What bookworm doesn’t like the idea of cuddling up next to one with a delicious glass of wine or delectable hot cocoa? We thought we had to pay a fee to have ours turned on for the winter and have delayed doing so for a couple of months. Lo and behold, we come to find out on Monday that we’ve had that ability all along! The warmth that it provides is enough to make us almost forget that the heat is off in this little home. That’s reason enough to praise.

Four. Laughter. Wednesday night, the husband and I had one of his closest friends up for the night. He had a gig in Boone, so we went to hear him play and caught up a bit after. He truly is one of the greatest guys in the world, and the camaraderie between the two boys left me laughing until my cheeks hurt. That night we also had the pleasure of seeing a dear friend of both of ours from college who is away at seminary at Yale. We didn’t get to see these great gents long, but it was enough to do my heart some good. We are so very fortunate to have people like this to live life with.

Five. Group Texts. My very best friend from high school lives in New York. We were able to spend a perfect, much needed day together over Christmas break touring wineries and catching up on life. To spend time with someone who has known you at every stage of your life and loved and laughed and cried with you through it? That just feels good. Since then, we’ve maintained a group text with another dear friend from high school. We have all known each other for 14 years. Wait, what? We’ve made it just about 8 years out of high school, and the friendships remain the truest. So much love for them.  

Oddly enough, in a difficult week, I’m filled up with love. This right here? A post full of great people? This is evidence of the worth that friends and companionship have on a life. They are critical. One of the greatest blessings the Lord can bestow. [With that being said, if you’re a blogger who can handle a little bit more companionship or want a few reminders of the Lord’s love, check out yesterday’s post!]

My darlings, did you feel loved on this week?

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