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Friday Favorites

Well, hello there my dear. How was your week? Did it seem to, like mine, fly by and yet take all the time in the world? Did certain things happen that simply brought you joy? Tell me about them, and laugh at/resonate with/take delight in mine!

One. This song. My sister introduced me to it [one of the few many things we have in common is a stellar taste in music] and I’m ‘hook,line, and sinker’ gone. If you’re a fan of country or just good music, then treat your ears. Give it a listen as you read the rest! [Warning, it might distract you from reading because it’s just so great.]

Two. Pub Chips. Wait, what? Here’s the deal. I have a weakness. Some might say it’s an obsession. To certain potato-based products, namely french fries and pub chips. It’s quite extreme. My husband has learned that if he orders fries, he should assume I will eat close to 80%  of them. I can’t help it. This week, I was craving them after school one day. So what does my sweet boy do? He drives to the place here he is going to dinner later that night and picks them up for me, so I can enjoy them as an afternoon snack and rest for the evening. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, he’s that great. Real love, kids.

Three. I had the pleasure of talking to my grandma on the phone this week, thanking her for a delicious pumpkin pie that she sent us. We were discussing my blog, and she mentioned that when she reads it, she sees it as “a visit with Emily.” That is such a true blessing about blogging- my grandmothers and family members can stay up to date with my life. I’m so, so blessed to have a wonderful family. I grew up 4 houses down from my grandparents- the best situation ever. After college, I moved just outside of Greensboro and was able to see my parents and grandparents frequently. One of the hardest parts of moving back to Boone again is living farther away from them.  Knowing that my grandma gets to visit with me often thanks to this blog just warms my heart right through.

Four. Transitioning the house to be holiday-ready. I loveee holiday decorations. With a strong passion. I could craft for hours with Thanksgiving or Christmas decor and still be craving more. Unfortunately, I’ve been slightly lazy lately in the afternoons when coming home from school. Very few things will get me off the couch. [I know, that’s embarrassing. I justify my laziness in saying that I’m spending time on Darling, Dearest, which means it’s spent productively.] We have visitors up this weekend, so that was the perfect motivation to kick start the decorating process. Now, candles are out, wreaths and banners are hung, blankets are switched, and the table is set. [Did anyone else read that and get a Twas the Night Before Christmas vibe?] It just plum makes me happy to see all the brown and orange and yellow amidst our rooms.

Five. When we bought our house, it was June. We first saw it in the end of April. Most of the trees had leaves by then, but we could tell that we would have a slight seasonal view. Imagine my surprise when I looked out my window this morning to see this: Darling, Dearest Darling, Dearest

That’s a whole stretch of mountains we can see. I can’t begin to describe what a pleasant surprise it is to realize that your house has a view. I feel slightly daft for taking a couple of sunlit, leafless days to discover it. When I did, I fell in love with our little house all over again. I was, once again, stunned by how gracious God is to the mountains. And how blessed I am to breath them in.

boone north carolina

I also came to the realization that we really do live on top of a mountain when it’s sunny and blue skies at home, but you’re within a cloud two minutes down the road. [If that cloud wasn’t there, you’d be able to see Appalachian State University.]

 Now go ahead, tell me what brought you joy this week. I want to share in it as well:)!

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