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Friday Favorites October 30th

I love the fall, but the fall is busy. There are so, so many good things that this time of year embraces. I’m trying to intentionally remind myself to slow down and enjoy them, but that is incredibly difficult when daily there is something to do. I like to be active, but I need downtime. I don’t per-say like being busy. When I think of the next couple of weeks, those moments of downtime seem few and far between. So, here’s to keeping up with the world around me while finding a way to master the act of pushing pause.

What made this week:

These words: “Linger in My presence a while. Rein in your impulses to plug into the day’s activities…. Relax with Me while I ready you for action.” I love the word ‘linger’ in that context. Linger, by definition, means to stay in a place longer than necessary, as if reluctant to leave. It should be that way in the Lord’s presence. Wanting to just hold on and stay and cuddle up and be at peace. Wanting to block out the world, but knowing he’s equip you to handle the world. [Ironically, I read this devotional after writing the first paragraph of this post. Jesus Calling always knows the words to say. ]

Half days. What teacher doesn’t love a half day? Watauga County gives teachers two to be able to conference with parents, but that is something I complete at the beginning of each year [due to being a specialist]. That means I have two days to get on top of my endless planning! Half days are always a good thing.

Students. I have always been blessed with pretty awesome kids. I’m a relational teacher- I honestly believe that is the foundation of my pedagogy. My first year teaching I had a class that was unique, but just right for a starting teacher. They helped to teach me how to form a real relationship with your students, and grow immensely as a teacher. My second year, I had a class that was perfect for me. I didn’t know classes like that were possible. Goodness knows they weren’t perfect, but it was as if every single element of my personality was reflected in one of them [from nerdy to sporty and everywhere in between]. It was a year for the books, for sure. Now, I have the same students year after year. And while occasionally I miss having my own class, they don’t let me miss it for long. I was worried starting out that I wouldn’t be able to form that same relationship only seeing students a couple of times a week- but I was so wrong. My kids rock. They make me laugh [probably too much] and they behave well [most of the time] and they have a wisdom that blows me away. When they are with me, I really feel like they are my students. And I love that. [Yes, I’m talking to you girls.]

Blogger Friends. When I first thought about the idea of blogging, I was sure there wouldn’t be any others in or near Boone. Little did I know, Corbin from The Classy South goes to App! We were able to meet up this week for sushi [my first experience with it and it was delicious!] and can I just say that she is so, so sweet! If you are a newer blogger [or even an experienced one], she’s got a series called #BlogIsLife that has loads of great tips! The connections that you make as a blogger has got to be my favorite part so far. All of the girls that I’ve interacted with are just simply incredible. I’ve come to the conclusion that bloggers are simply nice people. And I’m thrilled knowing that I’m just starting out.

 Blankets. Maybe it’s because of the dreary weather, or perhaps the colder days. I just know I have been wanting to snuggle up with a book more than ordinary lately, and that’s saying something. Brett would probably say I have an addiction to blankets; we have more than any household should. Each sofa in our living room has 3 [I know, that’s a bit excessive.] Because it’s fall and fall equates to sports, I found blankets featuring some of my favorite teams, as well as a few of the classier variety for the home! This cute plaid blanket is only $8!

What made your week?

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