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Friday Favorites Week 3

Today’s Friday Favorites are slightly different than the previous two weeks. First, there are 5 posts from other bloggers that either hit the nail on the head or are just completely worth checking out. Then I’m getting into the nitty gritty of what this week consisted of, both the good and the heartfelt. 
1. An Ode to Peplum by Sierra Elizabeth- This girl has one of the best writing styles I’ve seen for a blogger! She has so much personality and comedy in her posts. This one is no exception! Check it out  to find her poem written to peplum shirts!
2. When Life Gives You Lemons by Fashionably, Ashleigh- There is so much to be said for a cheery outlook. This post is simple and sweet, like the super cute lemon shirt that Ashleigh is wearing! 
3. Details by The Darling Detail- Another very well written post, Jessi is quite an established blogger. Still, her posts all seem so down to earth and relatable. In this post, she talks about the namesake of her blog- the little details in life, with style being a detail that she can manipulate and use to show her personality. How often does style help us make our first impression?
4. Inkkas Kicks For a Cause by Penn and Quill- For starters, this girl’s pictures are so fun! The background and her expressions- I just love them! She’s also talking about shoes that benefit the environment and communities in need. And they’re cute. What more could you ask for in a pair of shoes?!
5. What I’ve Learned After Two Years of Blogging by Wear Flowers in Your Hair- This post does such an excellent job of summing up what blogging has already begun to show me. You meet awesome people, you grow, and you feel on top of things. I’m just two months in; I can only imagine what I’ll have learned after two years.

What this week was made of:
1. The return of tailgating. [And the insane amount of food I consumed.] Yes, this is a huge tailgate. Yes, we all love each other. Yes, they are hilarious. Yes, they cook the best food in the world. Yes, this is my extended family. 
Appalachian Legends Tailgate
2. Reaching four complete years of dating Mr. Green. Which, I might add, he forgot. It’s even an easy date- 9/10/11. But he forgot. Nevertheless, we made it. If you had asked high school Emily if she could have a relationship that lasted over a year, much less four, she would’ve said you’re crazy! But here I am, married, with the same guy driving me crazy day in and day out. Job well done, I’d say. 
3. Seeing these girls. What are the odds of running into two of my closest friends from middle school and high school during one of their bachelorette parties? This made my entire weekend. I love friendships that don’t deteriorate over time; when you see each other again [even if it’s been years] no time has passed and you pick right back up [speaking french and all!]. Two married, one about to be. What a beauty friendships are. Old and new, they all help mold you into the best version of yourself. No doubt in my mind that these girls contributed to who I am today! 


4. Speaking of new[er] friends, I really think the Good Lord has gone above and beyond when providing me with the best coworkers ever. Even though I’m split between two schools. one of my very best friends works at one, while two other good friends and the mother of another works at the other. I am surrounded with love and support, everywhere. Girl time after school? Sure, sign me up. Dinner to catch up on life? I’m there. A beer to help with the hours of lesson planning? I hear there’s a new pumpkin porter. I just simply love it. 
5. And speaking of the best coworkers, the trend began before I even moved to Boone and started this job. I worked just outside of Greensboro for 2 years, and I met ladies there who changed my life and myself, who truly helped me become an adult and an individual. It wasn’t just the coworkers I met there that impacted me, but the community. This past Friday, we lost a very present member of that community. My heart hurts to know that I’m not there with these friends, and that the lives of two sweet young boys will be so deeply changed. But with that being said, what a blessing it was to have two unbelievably amazing years, with the most amazing class I could have dreamt of having, and the best parent volunteer a teacher could ever want. 

What resonated with you this week? Did you read any posts that you really loved? I’d love to hear about it!

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