Friday Favorites, Style

Friday Favorites Week 5

  1. Watauga Education Foundation Grant! A coworker and I won a grant! This is my third grant awarded in the last two years, but 2nd that I’ve been the lead teacher on, and I’m very excited about it! With this grant, we will be able to purchase 3 Lego Robots [sweet, right?] for our kids! We started this as a club last year and it has progressed to an elective course. Our kids were working 8 to a robot and now it’ll be closer to 4! [We also are trying for a Bright Ideas grant, so keep your fingers crossed!] I love working in a county that is so supportive of education.watauga education foundation
  2. Rain gear. This is probably self-explanatory. It’s been so used lately that it just has to make the favorites list!  For more on my thoughts about rain, see yesterday’s post. It’s one you don’t want to miss! For cute rain gear, shop here:
  3. Kids. Y’all, I work with some of the most awesome students. I have been so incredibly blessed to always work with great kids. I go to bed way too late, and I’m way too tired every day, but they put up with my forgetfulness and absentmindedness and help make each day a good experience. Working with every grade from kindergarten to eighth, I get to experience all personalities and conversations and emotions and I just love it.
  4. Homecoming Weekend at App. This weekend is a happenin’ weekend for Boone. Tomorrow night, 3 of the 8 elementary schools are having their fall festival. Also going on is the Homecoming Parade and Lip-Sync Competition. This weekend always brings back some of the best memories of college for me. I was a Teaching Fellow at App [a scholarship program that unfortunately no longer exists] and we were always one of the top dogs in the Homecoming competition [hence the Heisman look-a-like, also known as my friend Grayson, below!]. It was a busy weekend every year, but one filled with so much fun! As an alumni, there’s a little extra pride you feel during this game:)! heisman trophy
  5. Acting my age. My bedtime is 10. I fall asleep closer to midnight, but my bedtime is 10. If I’m out and about past this, or past 9 truthfully, then I’m typically a dud. This past weekend was the exception. I spent time with dear friends and enjoyed the town I live in. This is a rarity for Brett and I, to truly act like the 20-somethings we are. But sometimes, you just deserve a little fun.

What are your favorites this week, my dear?

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