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Friday Favorites

Well, hello.
Many of the bloggers that I admire have a trend of doing a “Friday Favorites” or “Five on Friday” post every week. So, following the crowd, I decided to try my own hand at it! Bellow are five things that are just simply on my mind these days:).

1. “I Need Thee,” specifically the Jadon Lavik version. I love music, and there are often songs that I simply crave. Lately, this one won’t leave my heart. It doesn’t matter what you are going through in life; this song can and will apply. Hear these words:
“I need thee every hour, most gracious Lord. 
No tender voice like thine, can peace afford. 
I need thee every hour; stay thou nearby.
Temptations lose their power when thou art nigh.”
“I need thee, oh, I need thee; every hour I need thee.” Is that not pure, unbridled truth? There is no moment when we are perfectly okay without our Lord. Every single second is sweeter with him as a part. 

2. Not only “in joy or pain” do I need my Lord, but in tiredness too. School started back for us last week. Even though my position does not have me working with many students within the first few days of school, I think I would rather hit the ground running than be buried in the massive amounts of paperwork that comes with being a specialist. Brett and I both come home and have little motivation to do more than sit on our bums. This isn’t a complaint, but more so an acceptance. It is no doubt a trying job, but most certainly worth the insistent yawns [and the hours of mind numbing thought that you just can’t shut off when you finally get to reunite with your bed].
3. Peppermint Essential Oil. Coffee is great. Really, really great. But when coffee is unattainable and something has to be done to keep me awake, my go-to is peppermint essential oil. I started using Young Living Essential Oils in the spring, and I LOVE them. This week, I’ve been pulling out peppermint more than usual [which is saying something, because it definitely gets more use than any other oil]. I dab a little on my temples and within seconds, I feel wide awake and have no trouble holding my eyes open.*Ah-maz-ing. Interested? Check it out here. 
4. All things tassels and fringe. I keep seeing bloggers posting tassel necklaces, and purses, and accessories, and shoes, and I want them alllllll! Namely, these things below:
4. We made it two months! That means I can handle anything, right;)?  Brett and I hit two months of marriage yesterday. We celebrated by taking blog pictures [his favorite thing to do] and going to our “date night” restaurant, Blowing Rock Ale House [if you live in this area and haven’t tried their bison burger- you haven’t lived]. We are both very head-strong, stubborn people, but Brett is the only person that can make me laugh in the midst of being fumingly furiated. I get to do life with this guy. That’s awesome. 
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