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Fringe Poncho

I think I’m in love. With this poncho. Because, fringe. And the color. And softttt. Oh T.J. Maxx, you treasure box, you. fringe T.J. Maxx poncho, dark brown cowboy boots

fringe T.J. Maxx poncho, dark brown cowboy boots fringe T.J. Maxx poncho, dark brown cowboy boots fringe T.J. Maxx poncho, dark brown cowboy boots fringe T.J. Maxx poncho, dark brown cowboy boots fringe T.J. Maxx poncho, dark brown cowboy boots fringe T.J. Maxx poncho, dark brown cowboy boots Darling, Dearest

It’s just so much fun to wear! You can have wings, and you can twirl, and you can pretend you are flagging a bull down [guilty as charged], and you can wrap yourself like a blanket… the list goes on and on! Ponchos/capes/blanket scarves are a trend I can wholeheartedly get behind and plan on sporting frequently. This exact poncho is here, but there are so many out there I want. Like every single one of these:

The shirt is from the Gap Outlet and is about 2 years old. I probably have close to 10 white shirts, but I’m a firm believer in never having enough of those. This one is made unique thanks to the little gold buttons on the end of the sleeve- making it work well with the poncho that comes about three-quarters of the way down my arm. White shirts go with everything [read: worthwhile investment].

The necklace was also purchased a ways back from I’ve gotten more jewelry than I’m comfortable admitting from that website, but when it’s like $6 for a necklace… what can I say? I’m a sucker for deals. This one is similar, just without the brown stones.  I feel like this one almost has an antique look to it. Truth: A majority of the necklaces I own are from antique stores. My grandmother has excellent taste in knowing what jewelry I love and combine that with the Edwards/Daniels love for antiquing, I’ve built quite a collection! On that note, these boots were also purchased from an antique store! [I’m telling you- when you learn the good ones to go to, you can find just about anything!] Cowboy boots are a must in the south, but I’d venture to say that everyone should have a pair. They’ve got that perfect combination of sass and comfort that make them work with jeans and a t-shirt or a super cute dress.

Do you have a certain store or type of store that sucks you in like T.J.Maxx and antique stores [and online shopping and the outlets and…oh boy] do for me?

[Sidenote: Brett and I hit four months of marriage today! I know it isn’t long, but I still get excited none-the-less. Besides, he also told me I’m only allowed to recognize months for the first year… so I’ll soak it up while I can!:)]

[Sidenote 2: This was my sister’s first time taking blog photos, and I already know I’ll be asking her again soon [heads up, Mel:)]. She is quite the photographer though, especially with landscape and nature portaits! Check her out at Melissa Boone Photography!]

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fringe T.J. Maxx poncho, dark brown cowboy boots
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