Gel Like Nails at Home

I was a skeptic. I was pretty loyal to certain salon brands of nail polish. I didn’t expect to like another brand more, and I certainly didn’t expect the polish to last this long.

I painted my nails 10 days ago. Typically, in ten days, the polish on my fingers would be so chipped that I would have picked the rest of it off. Or I would have touched up spots that really irked me, trying to extend the life.

Y’all.. I even messed up my nails after painting them with the System XCEL and Formula X polish, and it was so difficult for me to tell that I didn’t even care to fix them then.

Darling, Dearest

The thing is, you’d think that with a 4 step system, this would take a long time. It really didn’t take any longer than my typical nail painting routine. I’ve learned the importance of a base and top coat in extending the life of your polish, and those two steps were both included in this system.

The catch with this? You cleanse your nails first. Swiping that on helps the polish stick to your nail. Both the cleanse and the prime coats dried very quickly, making it easy to move right along in the system. The case recommends a method for painting nails that I (shamefully) didn’t catch until my second coat of color. It made it much easier to ensure I wasn’t missing any parts of my nail and getting a smooth coat.

The shine coat really helped to give a “gel-like” finish. Be sure that you don’t have any air bubbles when applying the shine coat, as they’ll be noticeable once it dries, too!
Darling, Dearest Darling, Dearest Darling, Dearest Darling, Dearest

I’ve already started looking into the other shades of this polish to try out next time I want to switch it up. So much more cost effective than getting a mani, but still lasting polish.

This skeptic was won over.

I received the System XCEL and Formula X products complimentary from Influenster, but all opinions are my own.

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