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Holiday Gift Guide for Her Under $25

Whenever I start the gift hunting process, I tend to always begin with the easiest people to shop for: my mom and my sister. Yearly, we have the goal to make Mom cry… and it isn’t very hard:) [sorry, Mom!] She never treats herself, so we always love to whenever we get the chance! If it’s sentimental and bought or made with thought, she will love it.

Now when shopping for my sister, I abide by one rule: Would I want it, too? I feel pretty confident in guessing what girls my age would want… I mean, because I am one! Knowing what I’d want and what I own, these are my top choices for gifts for girls in the teenage through young adult age range. 

I know it’s a bit early to be checking out a gift guide, but with Christmas shopping, there’s no such thing as too early! [Also, expect a few others as the weeks go by!]

holiday gift guide for her under 25

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One. Moscow Mule Mugs– These little guys are just so classy. A Moscow Mule is my favorite drink and these mugs are perfect for those fun girls night in and entertaining friends!

Two. Simple Square Earrings– I gave my bridesmaids a pair of earrings like these and ended up buying one for myself. I’m truly not exaggerating when I say I wear them daily- they match everything!!

Three. Mrs. Clause Wine Glasses– I won last year’s edition of these from Pier 1 in a Dirty Santa game, and I’ve already pulled them out for this year! They were a highly treasured gift in the game!

Four. Candles– This particular variety is literary based [Pride and Prejudice, to be specific] meaning that it incorporates the scents within a specific scene. The link also includes candles reflective of Jane Eyre, Sherlock Holmes, and Alice in Wonderland.

Five. Blanket Scarf– You just can’t have enough of these. ‘Nough said.

Six. Jewelry Holder– I don’t know about y’all but the easiest thing to get cluttered in my room is my jewelry, even more so than my clothes! I love that this is an easy way to store/display/lay your jewelry out for everyday use.

Seven. A Statement Necklace– and what a necklace this is! For your traveler, dreamer, or just a girl that appreciates the world around her. This necklace is lovely. It’s high on my wish list this year!

Eight. A Go-To Purse– Camel is a great color for a purse as it goes with both black and brown. Old Navy always has dependable and affordable options, like this cute one with a tassel!

Nine. Gold Accessories– These simple earrings are sure to make a subtle statement. I love little touches of sparkles and gold to help an outfit go from casual to classy.

Ten. Pajamas– The good thing about buying pajamas as a gift is that you can always order up a size just in case; they are best when they are loose-fitting! Every year I stock up on a new pair [or two or three] from Old Navy– you can’t beat the price or comfort. I’m wearing them as I type this post!

Eleven. Bedroom Slippers– Moccasin slippers are a hit year after year. They were top of my wish list from my then-fiance last Christmas and they’ve been wonderful to have on hard-wood floors this year. If you know the lovely lady’s shoe size- I highly recommend them!

Twelve. Boot Socks– These are an easy add-on to a gift. Tall socks are wonderful to wear around the house as well as with boots! (This pair is less than $6!)

Thirteen. Jesus Calling– Truth: I have given this as a gift more than anything else in my life. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s a gift that goes beyond the materialistic and shows that you’re looking after their heart as well.

Fourteen. A Monogram Mug– Really, any kind of coffee mug is a great gift, especially of the cute variety. I’m a sucker for this gold monogram mug in terms of a Christmas gift. It’s also high on my own wish list! This one is lovely for year round usage.

What else would you recommend for girls? What do you love to give year after year?

You can shop the items through any of the links above, or through this collection:

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