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Gratitude & Collaboration

Today is an exciting day on the blog! While I love writing about and sharing style frequently, my favorite thing to share is my faith. When Carrie from A Lovely Little Wardrobe reached out to me to collaborate on a post about gratitude and style, my day was made! When speaking of gratitude, there is no better occasion than when I am already feeling grateful.

Gratitude, while a simple concept, isn’t something that is simple to wrap our minds around. It requires awareness of the gifts you’ve been given, and an act of response to show appreciation in return. It isn’t too great of a challenge to say “thank you” to the visible acts of kindness from the friends and family around me. But when it comes to saying “thank you” to the Lord? Although he deserves it the most, he receives it the least.

“You prepare a table before me in the presence of our enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.” Psalm 23:5

I fail to thank the Lord daily for the gifts I have been given. And yet, my cup overflows. At times, I refuse to acknowledge the beauty around me. Still, my cup overflows. I fuss at those who love me and take my hardships out on them. My cup continues to overflow. I rush to leave my job behind at the end of every day. And as always, my cup overflows.

This, my darling, is why I have come to understand gratitude when it comes to the Lord. I will never be able to fathom the work that he has done, I will never repay the gifts I have received, and I will never own up to the love that he gives. And oh, does he give. He continues to give when I fall short. This great love makes me eternally grateful.

There is so much in this life to be thankful for. While it should be a daily occurrence, I’m so glad that we have a day that makes us realize it. A day to surround ourselves with blessings, with family and friends and food and joy. That, in itself, is a blessing. When gratitude is at the forefront of our minds we can take actions to pursue it, to even just be aware of it.

Thanksgiving is in my top three favorite days of the year [no surprise that it’s second to Christmas and Christmas Eve]. I want to soak up all the goodness around me, and I want to be comfortable in doing so! I like to be presentable for all the family pictures that will no doubt be taken. BUT I also like to be prepared for the food I’m about to savor – and have room to expand. Because of this, I tend to stick to my favorite fall and winter outfit: an oversized sweater and leggings. To add a bit of festivity to it, I threw in a gold belt and tartan plaid scarf.

I am grateful that I can enjoy a passion, like style, and discover myself through it. And I’m grateful for my fun-loving family that brings me more joy than I can say. But these things wouldn’t even be a possibility if the Lord hadn’t provided me with them first. He is the source of my gratitude and the reason I can express it.

Green oversized sweater, tartan plaid scarf, booties

Green oversized sweater, tartan plaid scarf, booties Green oversized sweater, tartan plaid scarf, booties Green oversized sweater, tartan plaid scarf, booties Green oversized sweater, tartan plaid scarf, booties Green oversized sweater, tartan plaid scarf, booties

Darling, DearestDarling, Dearest

Sweater: similar (mens) // Scarf: similar, similar // Leggings: White Plum // Belt: similar // Booties: similar


Carrie has a way with words that makes it feel like you’re listening to one of your closest friends. She expresses her gratitude for things that are truly encouraging, and her faith is so admirable! Be sure to check her out at A Lovely Little Wardrobe


Hello Lovelies! I’m giddy today because there are lots of things going on in this post. I have been so excited while I planned and wrote this post. This post is also going live on The Blended Blog and I am finding it so fun to collaborate with the ladies that I met over a year ago through a Style Challenge at Get Your Pretty On. I’m also collaborating with a new blogger friend, Emily who blogs at Darling Dearest. New friends just get me pumped! Collaborating also gets me pumped! Style and gratitude with the added bonus of a link-up has me over the top enthused today. Glad you’re along for the ride, so put on your happy face and let’s get to it.

Recently, I participated in the Fall Style Challenge with Get Your Pretty On during the first part of October. Our Texas weather did not really cooperate but regardless I did wear a some of the looks and definitely want to share a couple of favorites.

The tone on tone was quite popular with the participants. What makes it such a popular look is the ability to change-up the color for tone on tone. The recommended look encompassed these shades of wine/pink but in the past I have worn a similar look in the grey tone family.

Present look.

tone on tone

Past look.


Another favorite look of mine was olive and orange. I decided to pull from my closet and here’s what I came up with on that day.

fall challenge-2

Another look swapped the olive pants for boyfriend jeans. Super comfy! This day was just a work bathroom selfie kind of day. It happens!

boyfriend + orange

These are all looks that I would wear to a family Thanksgiving dinner extravaganza. I would probably opt for the boyfriend jeans look because you know they allow for a little extra room for eating more than normal. Who can relate to that truth?

Well right there smack dab in the middle of fall comes Thanksgiving. In that vein, I become acutely aware of my need to be grateful. When I venture down that road I am immediately stopped by all I have in the realm of material wealth. Yes, I am wealthy, maybe not by some standards but I realize I have plenty to eat and wear. I also have a solid roof over my head when I lie down at night. There are so many who do not know that luxury. Beyond those basic needs I can add more and more to the list of comforts I enjoy daily. I image you are most likely in that boat with me, friends.

Although I am grateful for all I have I am even more grateful for “things” that cannot be purchased. For example, love. From love flows the ability to forgive, to offer grace, to be reconciled, to grant mercy, to sacrifice, to care, and the list goes on. Love casts our fear {a big struggle for me}, it trusts, it hopes, it doesn’t envy, it is patient and kind…I’m quoting a little bit of 1 Corinthians 13 here. But my point is without those “things” that money cannot buy I would be undone. I would be lost and a person searching for a purpose through material wealth, which by the way is just fleeting.

Ultimately, I find all of the “things” that are most important to me through my faith. My faith in Christ is what changes my perspective and allows me to really capture what is most important in life Honestly, it’s what I’m most grateful for while I journey through this life. What are you grateful for especially during this season? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments, lovelies.

Lest I be an ogre, please let me not forget how thankful I am for people. My people…like my hubster, daughter, parents, brother and his family and a multitude of friends (online and IRL) as well as brothers and sisters in Christ. My goodness, I am relationship blessed beyond my imagination. Thankful, thankful and thankful!

Remember I said there was lots going on in this post? Here a little more. Our weekly link up and a giveaway. I hope you’ll take the time to enter. I wanted to participate in a giveaway and give you the opportunity to enter as a little thank you for following along and reading my blog. I am truly thankful for you! I appreciate you reading and commenting each week. It really does bless me. Thank you, lovelies! I’ve added the giveaway at the bottom of the post.


Check out Carrie’s blog to find her giveway and link-up! 

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