Great Finds in Unexpected Places

I warned you that my entire fall wardrobe was black and gold. And so it continues. 
Comfortable Old Navy Skirt and Black and Gold Scarf
maternity skirt, Old Navy
Maternity Skirt, Old Navy
Tassel Earrings, Black and Gold Scarf
Old Navy Tee and Skirt
The best thing about this outfit? The cost and the place I found the clothes! This scarf? Wal-Mart. For like $5! This scarf’s quality is just as good as similar scarves bought at much pricier boutiques. You can find a similar one here.
To make it more spring or summery, I swapped the black and gold out for a teal sailboat sheer scarf from Francesca’s.  
Francescas, Sailboats, Scarf
Teal Scarf, Old Navy Skirt
 Now this skirt comes from an even more surprising location- the maternity section in Old Navy! No, I’m not pregnant. No, that won’t be happening any time soon [for the millions of times we’ve already been asked since getting married [I’m lookin’ at you, Jill Green!]]. I was browsing through the sale section one day, not really paying attention to where I was looking. I stumbled upon this skirt and immediately pulled out a medium, my typical size. I tried it on, and it fell off of me. I checked out the tag, and then realized under the “M” was the word “Maternity.” But it was still super cute, long enough for school, and comfy enough for frequent wear.  I ended up getting an XS in it, and it has plenty of room to stretch [which makes it great for those Monday’s where I might have let myself splurge over the weekend]. I loved it so much that my mother bought me the same skirt in dark grey! Turns out that they still have it, and it’s only $7! I truly wear this more than just about any other article of clothing to school. Just make sure you size down [for me, it was two sizes]. Guiltily, since stumbling upon this find, I might sporadically check the maternity sections in stores because you just never know;).

Where have you found unexpected deals and super cute clothing? 
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