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Halloween Clothing and Decorations

Ok, so I’m a teacher. And because I’m a teacher, I can completely get away with wearing cheesy holiday themed clothing. I mean, who doesn’t remember having teachers in elementary school with the classic christmas sweater? It’s like a right of passage for being a teacher. Or at least, that’s what I tell myself.

I LOVE the holiday season. I love experiencing it to the fullest. Halloween presents a bit of a challenge for me, as I like my decorations to be of the classy variety. Ghosts, goblins, and witches don’t exactly lend themselves to that. Alas, I’ve perused around a few websites and found what I would consider completely acceptable Halloween-themed decor and apparel!how to keep halloween classy

For you:

Socks: The easiest way to dress for the holiday! I love cute socks. I truly have a full drawer of socks split between Halloween, Christmas, and Valentines Day. They just make me so happy. This 12 pack of Halloween socks is super affordable for the amount that you get!

Earrings: The easiest notable way to dress for the holidays! This 5 pack of earrings are incredibly cute and only $8! I love the little ghosts and jack-o’-lanterns.

 Scarves: A little bit more blatant in terms of accessories, but still a great way to add a little flair! This one comes in three colors: gray [seen here], orange, and white! I love them all, but my favorite is certainly the white.

Leggings: With a little black dress, these would be precious! There are loads of Halloween leggings out there, but these with cute ghosts just can’t be beat! I’m not the biggest fan of skulls, but I still think these are precious, too!

Pajamas: Truth: I’m about 2 seconds away from buying these. So stinkin’ cute!! I can’t link the image because  it would show up as pink pajama bottoms, but I promise, they are worth checking out!

For your home:

I think I have a thing for pillows [goodness knows my husband would say that I do]. And these kitchen towels are darling! I just love so many things, I’m going to let this collage do the talking!

How do you style your house [or yourself] for Halloween?

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